The Interesting Items You Must Buy When in Bali

If we’re talking about this beautiful country, Indonesia, then there are many places that should be mentioned as icons. One of them is Bali Island. All of you may know already that this special island is the star of Indonesia tourism. Bali can provide the tourists with all of the things, including best kinds of […]

Top 25 Unusual Souvenirs of Indonesia

Indonesian people are always creative. They can create some stuff in their own areas by using the materials provided by the nature around them, and turn it into a good that has a value for selling. They are the souvenirs. Read also : Handicrafts of Indonesia Positive Impacts of Tourism in Indonesia Cultural Tourism in […]

All The Facts About The Traditional Wooden Puppets of Bali

Like you all know already, Indonesia is indeed one rich country. It has so many speclities in the way of culture, natural attractions, delicious traditional foods, and many more. And if we talking about the culture, Indonesia jas some kinds of it like the dances, the masks, musical instruments, and also not forgetting the puppet. […]

17 Cultural Activities in Lombok Island You Must Know

The Island of Lombok has been famous as a tourist island and has a variety of regional culture that has grown rapidly in the community to attract the island for the foreign visitor to visit. So if the cultural diversity of the area is managed professionally then it will be able to attract local and […]

Stone Arts of Indonesia – Types – Development

A stone arts is a three-dimensional object of human works which is acknowledged specifically as a work of art. A statue is an artificial body of a form whose way of making is carved because the sculptors of antiquity used a lot of sculpting techniques. The sculpture is called plastic art. It means plastic because […]

Balinese Puppets – Characteristics – Performances

Wayang Bali is not only a matter of art, it is also used for religious ceremonies of Hindu Bali since hundreds of years ago. The Love of Balinese puppets can be regarded as part of the culture and also media tool of conducting major religions in many provinces in the archipelago. Balinese culture has indeed become the […]

Top 15 Haunted Places in Indonesia (#5 Scares You)

The mystical story is no stranger for Indonesians. Even those who live in big cities like Jakarta many people still believe it. Just by watching television stations and radio every Friday night then you can join the atmosphere of horror that will send a shiver through your spine. No wonder, the film industry that sells […]

Best 11 Traditional Songs of Indonesia (#5 is Interesting)

The traditional song will always be popular all the time because many people are using it in their practice of singing. The song of the Indonesian region is very diverse because of the many tribes that reside in this country. In fact, thanks to the diversity of these traditional songs, Indonesia has often upheld its […]

Top 21 Enchanted Indonesian Heritage – Arts and Cultures

Indonesia is a unitary country that has a lot of diversity of culture, traditional instruments, belief, and more. The ancestor of Indonesia inherit the cultures which is an the intangible assets to the generations to come as the identity of Indonesia. Meanwhile, Indonesian heritage can be an objects such as music instruments, arts, and typical house or […]

150+ Amazing Indonesian Cultures: Ceremonies – Clothes – Foods – Houses

Indonesia is a multicultural country. Indonesia has 34 provinces, and each of the provinces has its own ethnic groups. Each ethnic group has their own folks. Such as language, dance, and cultures. So, it makes Indonesia very rich in cultures, and many foreign tourists come to Indonesia just to see or get involved in the […]