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The Interesting Items You Must Buy When in Bali

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If we’re talking about this beautiful country, Indonesia, then there are many places that should be mentioned as icons. One of them is Bali Island. All of you may know already that this special island is the star of Indonesia tourism. Bali can provide the tourists with all of the things, including best kinds of attractions, great hospitality, and even the International services.


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People are coming to this island to have their wonderful tropical vacation in some exotic locations such as Kuta Beach, Sanur Beach, Padang-padang Beach, and even the calm beach like Pandawa. There’s also Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue that almost complete in development. Aside from those, the tourists can also buy some things that can remind them of their times on the island, like the souvenirs. Here are the items that must buy when in Bali.

1. Pie Susu

For the first one, the most hunted item in Bali as a really good souvenir is the Pie Susu or Milk Pie. In almost all souvenir stores in Bali has this large supply of Pie Susu. Just only in one day, the Pie Susu that already prepared will be sold shortly after the shop opens. In some famous stores like Kresna for example, you can even find all Pie Susu right in the front side of the shop.

Now, there’s not only one kind of Pie Susu out there. In this island alone, there are like five or more different brands that can give you a different experience when consuming a Pie Susu. For example, there are like top five brands such as Pie Susu Bli Man, Pie Susu Sari, Pie Susu Gayatri, Pie Susu Dhian, and also Pie Susu Bali Asli. Even if you get another product from outside of those brands, the Pie Susu you’ll get can also taste great.

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2. Jogger Clothing

Funny, Obvious, Bold, and Entertaining, those are the aspects you can find inside the Jogger Products. For you who already visited this island, during your journey you might notice their products in basically everywhere, right? Even they call themselves Jogger Jelek (which means ugly Jogger in Indonesian). But is it really bad?

Turns out, it’s far from there. The owner of this brand, Joseph Theodorus Wulianadi is a really funny guy. Even in his bio, you can understand his high level of comedy. Anyway, the Jogger was built in 1980 with only Rp500.000,- of equity. Now, the Jogger became one successful brand with its interesting products such as clothing, pants, sandals, accessories, and many other.

3. Kintamani Coffee

The next thing to mention in the items that you must buy when in Bali is Kintamani Coffee. As you may know already, that particular area on this island, which is Kintamani, is the famous coffee beans producer. From them, we can get a special Balinese coffee named Kintamani coffee. That can be your best souvenir for your friends back home, especially if they really like some coffee.

If you are on the island of Bali, then you can get a taste of it in some restaurants and cafes that can serve you a cup of Kintamani coffee. You can also come to the area of Kintamani itself to have their original coffee that served with the best you can get exclusively in this area. If you want to order it online, there are some marketplaces that have some Kintamani coffee sellers in them.

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4. Silver Crafts

Not only Yogyakarta city that famous for the wonderful silver crafts they have made, but Bali island is also a great place for hunting them. If you don’t believe it, you can visit a tourism village on this island named Celuk Village. This village is actually not far from the capital, and just about 8 kilometers from Gianyar area.

In this village, the people are working as craftsmen or artisans, aside from farmers. Visiting this village wouldn’t be complete without walking to the art shop while seeing how calm and peaceful the situation around is. In the shop, you can see the silver crafts ranging from rings, necklaces, and even earrings. The direct approach to the craftsmen is okay, and you can use this opportunity to take some picture about the production process. You can even make one yourself if you have the confidence.

5. Kacang Disco

Do you know Kacang Disco? What a nut has to do with a genre of music? As you can see, people of Indonesia are indeed very creative in naming something. For example, because of the taste of Kacang Disco that has a crunchy texture and also spicy, that nice feeling is like being in a disco. It’s one of many items that you must buy when in Bali.

Usually, the tourists are buying this for their trip. For example, if they want to travel a bit far from their hotel, a pack of Kacang Disco would be very nice. As said above, the texture of this Kacang Disco is rather crunchy, but it’s thick. And sometimes, it’s also very sticky. However, the Kacang Disco has different flavors like cheese, original, extra spicy, barbeque, and shrimp.

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6. Pia Legong

Is the Pie Susu is the only authentic cookie in this island of Bali? Surely it’s not. There’s also another type of Indonesian Pia, or maybe Balinese Pie, called Pia Legong. Even though the word “Pie” and “Pia” sound so similar, but both of them are really different. On the internet, you can see how bizarre the reviews are, written by the customers.

Is it really bad? Or is there something that makes the name of Pia Legong worse? Turns out, the answer is no. Many people are regretting their own decision to not coming to buy Pia Legong earlier. Now, you should come to Pia Legong store way more early before its opening, because people do want to line up just for a pack of Pia Legong. It’s like a line for getting a brand new phone or something.

7. Balinese Batik

As you may know already, Batik is really identical to Indonesia. When you see people wearing Batik clothing, you understand that they are Indonesian or just visited this country. Almost similar to culinary, the motives of Batik are also abundant. In this country alone, you can find almost a hundred of them, even more.

With many variations, it’s not easy to decide which one is the best for them. But, when you visit Bali island, make sure that you buy one of its finest product, Batik Bali. There are many kinds of them such as Batik Bali Golden Sand, Indigo, Apple green colored Batik, and so on. The motives are also showing the culture of Bali via some representations like Barong motive, etc.

8. Balinese Salak

Do you know what Salak is? Salak or Salacca Zalacca is the name of a fruit which can be found commonly in some islands in Indonesia like Java, Sumatra, and also Kalimantan. If you’re not very familiar with this fruit, you can find it really strange with its skin that almost looks like a carapace. The skin should be pilled first, and the treasure is right in the inside.

As you open the fruit, you may notice that there are two or more Salak fleshes. You can eat it raw like usual and don’t forget that each flesh has seed so you need to get rid of it first before actually swallow the fruit. It’s different from Salak Bali or Balinese Salak. There’s only a single seed inside each fruit. The skin is softer and the taste is sweeter.

9. Jinggo Rice

If you didn’t see our article about the interesting Balinese foods, you may look away and go for it. Inside those articles, we always included one of the best food in our opinion, Jinggo Rice. If you think about it, maybe there’s nothing special beside rice that covered in Banana leaf. Then you may wrong. You should at least go to Bali and try them yourself.

The Jinggo Rice is special, both in price and taste. Also, it’s not a common thing in restaurants, so you can’t get a portion of it by ordering. You should search for it yourself. Now the journey begins. You will look for it in some village areas far from the city to find a place that can serve you portions of Jinggo Rice. With the best natural view you can get, it’ll be a remarkable journey.

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Besides those seven souvenirs that you must buy when in Bali, there are actually other many things that you can bring as souvenirs. Like for example, we include five of them in the small list containing the other types of souvenir.

  1. Bali Cloth
  2. Accessories
  3. Barong Shirt
  4. Balinese Paintings
  5. Wooden Crafts
  6. Rattan Bag

Those are fifteen in total the souvenirs that you must buy when in Bali island Indonesia. Don’t forget to buy some for your family, especially your loved one. You can buy them some Balinese exotic souvenirs, and also the snacks like Pie Susu.


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