13 Famous Park in Bali You Must Visit

Bali is famous for its global tourism. Many people know Bali because of its beautiful culture and beaches. But not only the beaches, mountains and rivers are instagenic, parks in Bali also offer unparalleled beauty. What are the famous parks in Bali? Here are some Famous Park in Bali : 1. Taman Nusa Sidan Taman Nusa […]

History of Monas (Indonesian No.1 Landmark)

National monument or Monas is located right in the center of Jakarta. Monas Monument is a pride of Indonesian nation. In addition, Monas is also one of the central tourist destination and educational centers that appeal to the citizens of Indonesia. Both in Jakarta and outside Jakarta. The purpose of Monas development is to commemorate […]

13 Cultural Habits in Indonesia

A cultural habit is a series of behaviours that a group of people with the same background do in their life. These behaviours involve the ways they treat other people, the ways they eat, how they carry out certain actions and so many other things. Below are 13 Cultural Habits in Indonesia. These habits are […]

5 Underwater Temple in Bali (#2 Amaze You)

Okay guys, back here again with your friendly neighborhood author here, we’re gonna talk about some more interesting facts of Indonesia. We all know that Bali has some interesting temples, right? Those temples stand on the land, on above the water. But here, we want to tell you about much interesting stuff, the underwater temples […]

Sundanese Wedding Traditions – Ceremonies

Hello again everybody. In this wedding season, yep the season when many people intend to do this sacred and harmony activity called the wedding ceremony. Many people applied this kind of cultural way of their wedding like Javanese or maybe Sundanese for example. And now, we’re gonna talk about the second one, the Sundanese wedding. […]

8 Indigenous Tribes of Indonesia – Characteristics

Some of us now that Indonesia is indeed one great country with its potential of anything good, anything special even in the times back then or until now. You know there are some people pf Indonesia that has  their own unique ethnics. Like Chinese, and Javanese for example. But here’s a fact for you. There […]

17 Indonesian Marriage Traditions – Ceremonies

Marriage in Indonesia is something sacred and is usually celebrated with specials tradition. The diverse Indonesian culture also influences marriage arrangements. Well, in Indonesia, there are some unique wedding customs that are difficult to find elsewhere. 1. Requirement to Plant Trees If you ever come to Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta then you’d surely know that the […]

20 Social Life in Indonesia

In everyday life, individuals always do social relations with other individuals or groups. Social relationships that occur between individuals or between groups is also known as social interaction. The interaction between various aspects of life that we often experience in everyday life then it will form a pattern of relationships that affect each other so […]

Nias Culture – History – Mythology – Traditions

Indonesia is a country rich in culture and tribe in it. Culture in Indonesia is very diverse both in the arts, culture or habits, foods, beliefs and others. In discussion this time, we will discuss the culture that is on the island of Nias. The island of Nias, located on the western side of the […]

Top 15 Traditional Sports in Indonesia

Many people are hoping that Indonesia’s traditional sport will go mainstream worldwide. It’d make every Indonesian proud if one day their original game of the country is regularly contested in world stages like soccer or basketball. Thus, it can become the momentum to introduce Indonesian sport while also trying to preserve it. below is the […]