5 Things about Kasada Tradition on Mount Bromo

Tenggerese people are an ethnic subgroup of the Javanese. They live in sixty villages around Mount Bromo inside the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. They have an annual tradition which is Yadnya Kasada, also known as Kesodo, which is a traditional Hindu ritual . The ritual is for the Tenggerese people to express their appreciation to their […]

The History of Hindu Religion in Indonesia

Hinduism is a religion that comes from the Indian subcontinent. This religion is thought to have appeared between 3102 BC and 1300 BC and is the oldest religion in the world that still survives today. This religion is the third largest religion in the world after Christianity and Islam with a population of almost 1 […]

Top 10 Unique Celebrations in Bali Indonesia

Indonesia is a country of uncountable tribes spread in all corners of the country. Each of them have their own unique rituals and traditions depend on their purpose and belief. Moreover, Balinese people or Bali tribes are one of those people that still proudly do a lot of traditional ritual throughout the year. Here are […]

Language in Bali Indonesia – Characteristics – Types

The Balinese language is one of the regional languages in Indonesia which is well maintained by its speakers that is the Balinese. The Balinese language acts as the mother tongue and also the first language for most Balinese people. The language is widely used as a means of communication in various activities within the household […]

17 Spiritual Places in Bali

Hello again everyone. Meeting you again in this beautiful morning with thousand of facts of Indonesia. Now, beside having fun at the great venues at Bali island, you can do another religious journey to some places in the island. Read also: Hindu Temple at Bali Hinduism in Bali History of Bali Bali Tribes Call it, […]

Top 15 Aesthetic Hindu Temple at Bali

Bali is known for the Hinduism practice and many temples which contain many historical dan legend stories. Below is the list of 15 Hindu temple at Bali : Read also: Hinduism in Bali History of Bali Bali Tribes Historical Buildings in Indonesia Camping in Indonesia Hinduism temples in Bali known as sacred heritages which still maintained […]

Cremation in Bali Indonesia – Traditions

Bali, one of the most popular islands in the world, and also known as the tourist – spot. According to a recent survey, Bali is still on the top of most wanted to visit island in the world and it is the most visited place in Indonesia. Indonesia itself, a country which is rich in […]

Top 10 Oldest Temples in Indonesia

The entry of Hinduism and Buddhism to Indonesia brings many positive impacts. In addition to the disappearance of animism and dynamism that has been practiced by ancient Indonesian society, the system of the teachings of these two religions provides guidance in the life of the kingdom in its context. Hinduism and Buddhism were brought from […]

Top 10 Largest Temple in Indonesia (#1 is Popular)

As we know, Indonesia rich in anything. Such a cultures, foods, plants, also the temples. In the past, Hinduism take control in Indonesia. Also in the world maybe. It makes sense why there’s plenty Hinduism building in Indonesia. Maybe you already know about the largest temple in the world, and two of it belong to […]

Ngaben in Bali – Ceremony – History – Procession – Tradition

Ngaben ceremony or also often called Cremation Ceremony is an important ritual performed by Balinese Hindu in Indonesia to send the deceased to the next life.  This ceremony is very well known not only in Indonesia but also worldwide. It always attracts tourists from all over the worlds because this is done uniquely, vibrantly, artistically, […]