15 Incredible Facts of Indonesian Tea

Tea is one of the world’s most consumed beverages. It is thought to have come from China where tea has been consumed for thousands of years. Around the 16th century, when the Portuguese expanded their power, this beverage was imported into Europe and soon became popular so the Portuguese and the Dutch later decided to […]

The Brief History of Indonesian Coffee

Since the ancient times Indonesia is famous for its natural wealth and spices. One of them is Indonesian coffee that is so popular in the world. It is also the main attraction for foreign tourists to visit Indonesia. Today, Indonesia is on the fourth rank in the world’s best coffee producers. As Indonesians you should […]

13 Common Spices in Indonesia

Indonesian cuisine is famous for its delicious and rich in flavor. Indonesia has variety of  culinary and food flavors that can be found all over Indonesia Archipelago. The secret recipe behind this delicious flavor is from the typical spices of Indonesia that became the seasoning ingredient of cooking. But not many of us know that this spice […]

Top 10 Famous Spices in Indonesia (#5 is Precious)

As a country with fertile soil Indonesia is a perfect place for various kind of plantations to grow, especially spices. Indonesian spices are not only popular between the Indonesian but also get acknowledgement from international world. Spices are important ingredients for remedy, cooking, beverages, etc. Spices have very strong taste and aroma, it was an […]

15 Famous Plants in Indonesia (#3 is Exotic)

Indonesia is composed of more than 17.000 islands from Sabang until Merauke. Moreover it is situated in the transitional zone between the world’s flora and fauna habitats. These islands are a natural ecosystem for more Indonesian flora and fauna. Indonesian endemic plants is concentrated in the tropical rainforest. Here are some endemic plants in Indonesia. […]

17 Medicinal Plants of Indonesia – Health Benefits

Indonesia is the country with the high rate of illness. We  cannot be healthy all the time. We can be ill from time to time. Because of the illness, the people try to find the cure by studying about herbal medicinal plantations, and searching for them. So you may find many of them on the […]

14 Most Popular Herbs in Indonesia (#2 is Popular)

Indonesian food is famous for its delicious and spicy taste. And the secret behind those famous delicious dishes is none other than the rich herbs and spices that are in it. We’re going to tell you about 15 of those herbs in Indonesia that are the most popular and often used for cooking, they’re the […]

10 Most Popular Spices in Indonesia (#4 is Common)

Indonesia is a country with so many cultures and traditions. You can find all kinds of unique stuffs to add to your dictionary about traditional knowledge of the world. One of these richness (and my favorites kind of richness) is of course : The food! You probably have heard of the deliciousness of our food, […]

Indonesian Nutmeg – History and Production

Nutmeg, or also called Pala in Indonesian, is a spice that grows on an evergreen tree with the scientific classification Myristica fragrans. It is a native spice of Banda Islands in Indonesia and now is globally used. Commercial products derive from the nutmeg tree that are most commonly known are the seed (people refers it […]