Rafting in indonesia – Best Routes – Rules

For rafting enthusiast, a fast-flowing river is a challenge to be conquered. We all should be happy because Indonesia has a number of rivers that should be traced with a rubber boat. Despite the rainy season and many overflowing rivers many people still try to do rafting activity, and as a result, valuable information in this article can be suitable for you to try when the next rafting in Indonesia season arrives.

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Best Times for Rafting

In rafting, there is no time limit to do so. But if asked, the effectiveness of suitable time for rafting that can provide many positive impacts then the best time to do rafting is when we have many stresses and fatigues in our modern life. But in certain situations, rafting can be done casually given the sudden needs. For example, usually a head manager decided to recharge the spirit of his employees, then he chose rafting in pangalengan river to be done in the next week.

In choosing the right rafting time, then it can be seen from the needs. If when it is necessary to refresh and reinforce productivity performance with natural sensation through rafting, so do not hesitate to do it. If you want to achieve the best benefits of rafting, the duration of time should be arranged. Too often it is considered less effective and lower the level of satisfaction. Another issue in determining when to do rafting is about the variety of places and tourist rides that we visit. If it’s too frequent to the coastal area, try balancing it to the mountains and rivers.

Below are the best rivers that you can practice to do rafting

1. Sungai Alas, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam

Aceh has one of the most challenging rafting locations named Alas River. This river flow cleaves Gunung Leuser National Park, NAD. With grade 3-4, Alas River not only has a heavy current but also sharp turns that rush your adrenaline.

For those who are beginners can sail Alas River from Muarasitulan in Kutacane City until through the waves. If you are already experts then you can try the route starting from Angusan. You will be treated to the beautiful natural scenery along the river, and can even encounter into some wild animals drinking by the river.

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2. Sungai Asahan, Sumatera Utara

Asahan River located in North Sumatra is a river that is challenging for rafting. The level of difficulty that reaches grade 4-5 makes this river is often used as a place of national and international rafting matches. In fact, the Asahan River is touted as the third best rafting spot in the world, after Zambesi in Africa and the Colorado River in the United States.

With the starting point of Tangga Village, Bandar Pulau Subdistrict, Asahan Regency, North Sumatra, you have to walk along the fast-flowing river and the difficult terrain as far as 22 kilometers

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3. Sungai Batang Tarusan, Sumatera Barat

The rafting activity at Batang Tarusan River can be started from Taratak Village which is 20 minutes from Jalan Lintas Padang-Painan. This river is quite safe for beginners, as it has a grade level of difficulty 2+ to 3, with a steady flow of water in the dry season.

However, the level of difficulty reaches grade 4+ during the rainy season, so you must be extra careful for not letting your guards down for when this river has great rapids that can make your boat upside down. So do rafting with extreme cautions in order to save your life.

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4. Sungai Ayung, Bali

Ayung River is the longest river in Bali, with a long rafting route reaching 12 kilometers. You can start rafting from Payangan area and reaching an end in Kedewatan Village with travel time about 2 hours.

With the grade of difficulty 2 to 3, the river is suitable for beginners so you might not feel too much pressure of survival at harsh river flow. Interestingly though, you can see sculptures of cliffs by Ubud artists at some point lining the river beds.

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5. Sungai Elo, Jawa Tengah

In Blondo Village, Magelang Regency, Central Java, there is Elo River which is not to be missed by rafting lovers. The location is not far from Borobudur temple you can travel about 40 minutes from Yogyakarta. The rivers here are friendly enough for beginners, but you still have to be vigilant because the current is well known be difficult to conquer.

To complete the Elo River rafting route, it takes about 2-3 hours to different water depths and levels of rapids. Cool natural atmosphere plus a challenging current make you not need to think twice to try out rafting here.

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6. Sungai Citarik, Jawa Barat

Citarik River located in Halimun Mountain National Park, Cikadang, Sukabumi, West Java is one of the favorite rafting locations, so it is always crowded every weekend visit. This 3rd-grade River offers a number of routes. There is a time of 1 hour with the distance of 5 km and there is also a distance of 17 km and takes 4 hours.

Well, Citarik River not only offers rocky rocks that are challenging. You can also enjoy a number of waterfalls at some point along the rapids route.

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7. Sungai Lamandau, Kalimantan Tengah

In Central Kalimantan, there is Sungai Lamandau which is suitable for rafting exercise. Located in Riam Tinggi Village, Delang Sub-district, Lamandau District, Central Kalimantan, this wide-sized river will take you to split the jungle of Borneo, whose left and right side is overgrown with huge trees and towering lush tropical forests. What is clear, the experience of rafting here will definitely be very different from other rafting.

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8. Sungai Nimanga, Sulawesi Utara

In addition to visiting Bunaken, you also must try the rafting on the River Nimanga while visiting North Sulawesi. The river located in Timbukar Village, Minahasa District, North Sulawesi will provide an exciting and different rafting experience. This river location you can achieve by traveling for 3 hours from Manado.

River rafting levels are in grade 3 to 5, but in the rainy season, the difficulty level can reach grade 6. Therefore, the river is often used as a rafting team exercise. To complete the route, you must travel at least 5 hours. Not just rafting, there are also waterfalls around the river each of which has a height of 70 meters and 90 meters. If you’re lucky, you can also run into yaki, a typical Sulawesi monkey, and a tarsier, cute-eater-eating animal that looks like an owl.

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Do and Don’t in rafting in Indonesia

Here are some basic rules that must be followed when you’re doing rafting.

1. Be a competent swimmer

Know your abilities. If your swimming ability is minimal, choose the location of rafting activities that do not require you to have the ability to swim, especially for those of you who are the first time to join the rafting activities

2. Always wearing a buoys and helmet

Buoys and helmets, are your ultimate savior in case of emergency so you are required to wear buoys and helmets while doing rafting adventure or when you resting on the edge of the river.

3. Be aware of river hazards and avoid them

Beware of all the dangers in the river and prepare yourself for the danger. Ask your fellow rafting adventure to stop the activity in case of heavy rain, or if you are in the rafting, immediately turn your boat to safety, wait until the rain stops and the water flow returns to normal.

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4. Be suitably equipped

  • Use sports shoes/mountain sandals for as long as you involve in the activities of water rafting
  •  Install the hook if you wear glasses.
  •  Do not wear clothes from the material used for absorbing water so as not to become dead weight
  • Tie your hair well and do not let loose.
  • Wear a sunblock when rafting trips to avoid sunburn with SPF that matches your skin, apply it evenly.

5. Leave your expensive jewels, watches, mobile phone, and keys

Leave all your valuables such as jewelry, watches, mobile phones and vehicle keys in a safe place or leave it to the supervisor.(See Also: Table Manners in Indonesia)

6. Bring your necessities stuff into dry bag

Bring the items you need during the rafting. Make sure the items are wrapped in plastic bags before putting them in the dry bag, as well as make sure the dry bag is brought in good condition and tied to the boat during the rafting. (see also: Scouting in Indonesia)

7. Ensure that you are free of the effects of alcohol/drugs

Make sure you are not under the influence of alcohol and drugs before starting the activity. Do not force yourself to follow activities if you are still in treatment/care. But if you have confirmed your participation and you can not cancel it, tell the rafting organizers about your condition in order to get extra supervision during your activities. (See Also: Edelweiss Flower Facts)

8. Ensure that you have understood the brief meeting or safety talk

Make sure that you have fully understood the way, techniques, and instructions given during safety talk before you start the activity. Both safety procedures and self-rescue. If you feel hesitant and do not understand, do not be embarrassed to ask the trip leader or skipper to explain again. (see also:Indonesian Cultural Festival)

9. Limit number of participants

The number of participants rafting in one boat usually amounted to 6 people plus 1 operator rafting. Before starting the rafting activities, participants will be given directions by the rafting operators on how to navigate a rafting path.

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Rafting is a sport that enhances self-awareness and increases collaboration with fellow peers in order to survive the harsh condition of the river. By surviving in this dangerous activity you’ll learn to better appreciate life and it’s surrounding and to also observe the nature and the animals you might encounter while doing rafting. Then, those are complete explanation about Rafting in indonesia.