10 Fascinating Things to Learn in Bali

Bali is the beautiful place to be the spot of vacation. In addition to the beauty and uniqueness described above, Bali still has so many hidden treasures that are ready to explore in your next vacation to Bali. What do you think makes Bali become the best vacation spot? Yap, you would not only experience the beauty of nature in Bali, but also learn many things there. It is okay to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Bali, but make sure to do more things there. Here are 10 Things you can learn in Bali.

  1. Learn the culture of Bali

When visiting Bali, make sure not just take a bunch of pictures of yourself. It has been well known that Bali is the world of culture and traditions. Take an advantage by learning as much as possible the cultures in Bali. You would get a lot of knowledge by visiting Bali.

There is a famous village in Bali where you could learn many Cultures of Bali. It is called Penglipuran village. Becoming a traditional village of Bali, the village is still very traditional, the houses are neat. If you visit this village, we will be welcomed with a distinctive atmosphere of Balinese culture. Indeed, these villagers still strongly defend the indigenous traditions of Bali.

  1. Take your kids to learn Exotic Plant in Bedugul

You could learn many exotics plant with your kids by visiting Bedugul Botanical Gardens. Also called Eka Karya Bali Botanical Garden, it is a large garden on the island of the gods, located in the tourist area Bedugul, Candikuning Village, District Baturiti, Tabanan regency. It is in the middle of the island of Bali approximately 56 km from the city of Denpasar. This botanical garden is established by an Indonesian and managed under the auspices of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI).

By visiting Bedugul Botanical Garden, you could learn a lot of weird species of the plant. Especially with the beautiful arrangement of plants according to his tribe that reflects kinship relationship. There is also a nameplate that contains the scientific name, the origin of the plant and the access number associated with the database, which will facilitate you in recognizing the plant. Eka Karya Botanical Garden also provides some special collections such as orchids, cacti, begonia, nail plants, aquatic plants, medicinal plants, ceremonial plants and roses and water plants.

  1. Learn History through the Temple in Bali

Traveling and learning from ancient history could be a special thing for some people. Some people choose to travel to places that have ancient historical stories such as in temples, museums and other historical places. If you do so, you could choose Bali as your destination. It has been well known that Bali is famous with Buddhist Temple in Bali Indonesia and Aesthetic Hindu Temple at Bali.

Besides as the worship place, you could also learn the history in the temple in Bali. Moreover, making the island of Bali is known throughout the world as a favorite tourist destination, of course the culture, then his religion and place of Hindu religious worship Bali is Pura. With a very beautiful architecture makes many people want to see the temple in Bali as a favorite tourist attraction.

Especially when you travel to the famous Pura in Bali to coincide with the religious festivals of Hinduism in Bali, of course it will be the perfect atmosphere. Pura in Bali is practically a place of Hindu worship that can’t be found in any part of the world even in India. With its distinctive roof features make it becomes unique, this feature can actually be witnessed or similar to the Hindu temples in the country of Nepal

  1. Learning the culture through joining the festivals in Bali

 There are so many Festivals in Bali that you can join every year. You could learn many things if you are able to join one of them. If you come around March, you would be able to join Bali spirit festival in Ubud and Nyepi day. In nyepi day, there is a special event. It is called the Ogoh-ogoh parade. It would take place on the Saka New Year’s Eve. Make sure you head to the city centers around 7pm to see lines of ogoh-ogoh being paraded in the streets.It would be such a nice thing. Seeing people around, trying the culinary, or even learning the culture could be a great event that you will experience.

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  1. The release of turtles in Kuta Bali

Bali Sea Turtle Society (BSTS) would accompany you to release some turtles in Kuta Bali. It is done as a preservation of endangered animals. It hopes the release of the turtle can be a special attraction for tourists who vacation in the famous beaches on the Island of the Gods.

If you are incidentally on the Kuta Beach around 4 pm and hear the announcement of the of the turtle release from the gate of Kuta beach, you will listen to one of BSTS staff voice informing the ceremonial release event on the beach that afternoon. With the guidance of BSTS, you will learn many things about turtles in Bali. In addition to the breeding of turtles, you will be shown how the turtle eats and its habitation. It would be a good knowledge for you.

  1. Balinese Culinary

The one thing you should not miss in Bali is the culinary. You would experience many unique Balinese tastes. So, prepare your tummy well to avoid Bali tummy. Make sure to search some references before tasting some foods in Bali. You might be trapped by the expensive food with the bad taste. (Read also: Traditional Foods in Ubud Bali)

To avoid the food scam in Jimbaran, it would better if you browse the information about the restaurant in the internet first. You could see some reviews from the previous costumers. If it is ok, you could continue to do some reservations there. You could also experience to taste some Famous Local Foods in Bali

  1. Animal Habitation in Bali Marine and Safari Park

It is always be good to carry your kids into this kind of place. Introducing the tropical animal in the early age of your children would be something great for you. Imagine! There are 600 animals from 60 species endemic and exotic archipelago. There are dragons, orangutans, Sumatran elephants, and many more. Seeing the animals directly in their habitat definitely gives a different sensation than you see in the zoo. Here, you can observe those who are free in nature, not in cages. Using the tram safari, you will be taken around to see a variety of animals, not only from Indonesia, but also animals from India and Africa.(Read also: What to Avoid in Bali)

  1. Making Chocolate in Pod Chocolate Factory & Café

You could learn how to make a loaf of Balinese chocolate in Bali. The name of the places is in Pod Chocolate Factory. While at Pod Chocolate Bali you will be invited to tour the factory in the wooden area of ​​Carangsari. There, you will be greeted with a warm drink as a welcome sign. Then you will be taken to see the process of making chocolate, ranging from the selection of cocoa beans from the plantation, harvesting, then up to the process of fermentation and roasting.

In addition seeing the process of making chocolate, you could also taste the raw cocoa beans, baked beans, and more. Here you can also make your own chocolates for you to bring home and serve as the fruit of the hand. Being in Pod Chocolate you will get a lot of knowledge about chocolate. To join the tour at Pod Chocolate you need to pay for US $ 45 or IDR 450.000.

  1. Gamelan Bali

 It has been well known that there are many foreign tourists that learn art and culture of Bali. Almost of them learn the gamelan of Bali. The function of gamelan in Bali actually to accompany Traditional Balinese Dance. Learning gamelan could be a precious thing for you. You know that it is not easy to play gamelan. There are so many musical instruments in gamelan that you have to be mastered. If your time is short, you could take any course in Bali. The teacher would patiently teach how to play gamelan.

  1. Planting Rice in Tabanan

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can experience a holiday in a quiet Balinese atmosphere. One of the places that provide these attractions is the ‘Rumah Desa’. The tourist attraction would offer the different attractions with Kuta beach. The Rumah Desa is located in Banjar Baru, Tabanan District, Bali.

At Rumah Desa, you can learn about Balinese culture through script, house, religion, to social system in Bali. When you visit the this place, you will be trekking through family gardens, down the valley, down the river, cycling through the villages, and also interacting with farmers through learning to plow and plant rice. It would be nice experience tough. (Read also: Rice Production in Indonesia )

All in all, vacation must be one powerful way you can do to reduce stress and overcome fatigue after lingering to spend the routine in the office, school or college. Because not only gadgets that need to be in-charge, your body and mental needs to be replenished as well, then vacationing be the right choice, especially if you have chosen holiday to Bali. You would experience the different sensation. Before visiting Bali, make sure to decide the Best Weather in Bali Indonesia. So, let’s pack your stuff and go to Bali.