13 Things To Do in Bali With a 4 Years Old

Many interesting things can be done at the time of the holiday season. For example, during the Christmas and New Year holidays, there are lots of special locations for vacationing with a family that you can spend together. Flights to the island of Bali greatly increased significantly. If you do not order tickets from afar, […]

14 Things You Must Do in Ubud Bali

The nature bliss of Ubud village offers many activities in Ubud Indonesia to do among the greenery. There are many remarkable natural wonders in Bali and Ubud stands among them. Its beautiful natural landscapes and local wisdom that is closely related to art and culture, making Ubud one of the best places in Bali for a family holiday Moreover, this paradise […]

12 Must Visit Beaches in Lombok

Indonesia has been known for its natural beauty and people friendliness since so long. Moreover one of the big cities in Indonesia is becoming a tourist attraction,which is, Bali. However there are still many places in Indonesia available with each distinct beauty. Best Beaches in Indonesia near Singapore Popular Coral Reefs in Indonesia One of […]

14 Areas to Avoid in Bali

There are many popular famous destination in Bali and for many good reasons. However, sometimes you just want to experience the area like a true local and dodge all the tourists. This can be almost impossible with a constant wave of international travelers. Nevertheless, there are a few hidden natural wonders in Bali that haven’t been tainted […]

13 Ways on How to prevent getting sick in Bali

Rushing to the bathroom with an upset stomach is not how you want to spend your holidays. You can get sick anywhere, but there is some illness that often happens to people traveling to another country. Your body is getting used to the weather, food and the habit. This also can happen to you when […]

14 Best Place in Bali for a Family Holiday

Looking for a destination for your family holiday? Bali is an excellent choice. From beautiful beaches to the lush rice terraces around Ubud to the culture to the purpose-built Bali Tourist Attractions for kids, there is plenty of entertainment the whole family. There are so many Advantages of going to Bali on a family holiday. Places in […]

25 Tips for Traveling in Indonesia

Being one of the most diverse countries we’ve ever been to, the famous city in Indonesia has a little bit of everything for everyone. The iconic Bali tourist attractions are famous all around the world. From serene temples and volcanoes to the jungle wildlife in Sumatra. It offers diverse nature, culture, and cuisine. Indonesia is a country […]

The 15 Natural Wonders in Bali Indonesia

Prepare yourself, the end of the year is near. In the time like this, people are scheduling their activities, fulfilling all their jobs to finally be able to enjoy the sweet free days on the New Year. Usually, the holiday starts from Christmas to the last day of December, which is a week or so […]

The 15 Natural Pools in Bali Indonesia

If you want to have a stress-free life, you should be healthy by doing some sports and eating good things like vegetables and fruits. As for the sports, there are many variations of them that you can try. There’s one activity that really suitable for people who have asthma, swimming. The swimming can give you […]

Best Ice Cream in Jakarta You Must Try

The capital city attracts people to come and stay because many benefits that come with it. There are many working opportunities, entertainment attractions, wide range choices of cuisine are just some of the positive sides. This also applies to Indonesia. There are many advantages of living in Jakarta, for the inhabitants and also visitors. There are […]