14 Things You Must Do in Ubud Bali

The nature bliss of Ubud village offers many activities in Ubud Indonesia to do among the greenery. There are many remarkable natural wonders in Bali and Ubud stands among them.

Its beautiful natural landscapes and local wisdom that is closely related to art and culture, making Ubud one of the best places in Bali for a family holiday

Moreover, this paradise is favorited by local and foreign tourists. If you have plans to visit Ubud, there are many things you must do In Ubud, Bali.

1.Healthty Balinese Cuisine

Bali has some very impressive cuisine. There are many popular foods to eat in Bali.

Ubud has a relaxing atmosphere with green backgrounds. Therefore, you can easily find vegan food and smoothies in Ubud.

There are many authentic famous foods Bali that worth to try as they are very tasty and come at a very affordable price from interesting shops in Bali and cozy restaurants.

2. Ubud Beaches

Kuta Beach

There are many beautiful best beaches in Bali for swimming.

The green Ubud also offers many relaxing off the beat path best beaches Bali near Ubud which is worth to visit. There are even the best beaches in Bali for snorkeling and doing various water activities

The white sandy beach is the main attraction to visitors. The fact about Bali beachesis not all of them have the same type. There are white sandy- carcoal beach, rocky beaches, high tide, natural pools, and many others.

3. Culture Experiences

Bali is known for their close relation to culture.

There are various interesting cultures in Bali and places that display authentic Bali culture.

The Puri Lukisan Museum it is said to be the oldest art museum in Bali. There are also other places to visit with high culture value such as Art Museum, Rudana, Agung Rai, and the Antonio Blanco museum which is quite legendary.

4. Ubud Market

Vacation ofter refers to souvenirs. There are many must-buy souvenirs in Bali you can buy in Bali to send as a token of memory.

In Ubud, the Art Market is the go-to place ranging from handicrafts such as woven bags, fabrics, sandals, and other unique knick-knacks.

Guwang Art Market is another shopping site in Ubud. It is also considers the biggest traditional market aftr SUkowati market.

5. Mother Nature

Ubud has various stunning sceneries, which come in a larger variety compared to the resort towns down by the beach.

The most famous green sceneries are probably Tegallalang terraced rice fields,

Gunung Kawi, Campuhan areas set under foothills or into rock faces, just waiting to be explored. There are vast green with many option to find out.

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6. Green Cafes

Ubud is famous for their green cafes that combine nature sceneries and exquisites cafes and eatery areas.

Ubud you can learn to enjoy luxury to the finest. Green Kubu cafe offer dining among the green rice fields.

Folk Pool and Garden offers a relax Indonesian lunch in cabanas by the pool.

Moreover, the relaxing athmosphere come to it finest. Dining while enjoying the Ayung river is both romantic and refreshing experience for its visitors. Read more about Best place in Bali for Family holiday

7. Relaxation

The beautiful atmosphere of Ubud and the fresh air is certainly very supportive of any relaxation retreat.

You can take ease by trying spa relaxationg from numerous spa choices in Bali.

This healthy experience also enhance with green and vegan cafe in the areas. Other experience of pure relaxation is joining yoga class and gathering that florish in Ubud.

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8. Culture Attractions

It is a common attraction to witness various most famous dances in Bali which is heavy with a religious background.

Hotels, restaurants, and even Villas offer Bali culture commonly by performing dances such as Kecak or Legong.

Batubulan village is famous for the Barong dance performances. The Puri Saren royal palace ofter performs Kecak dance.

Even some restaurants in Ubud offer dinners with vivid dances such as the Legong dance. Kintamani area offers vast variety of authentic Balinese culture.

9. Water Activities

The great outdoor of green landscape also offers great water activities by the riverside.

Start at Ayung River, the visitor can try Bali’s white-water rafting scene, where you can enjoy an exciting day out along the longest and largest river. There are natural pools in Bali and waterfall, you try them all.

Moreover, people also can do Canyon tubing that can accomodate your daring activities.

10. Balinese Village

Experience the true Bali as locals do.

Instead of staying numerous Hotels in Bali there is the various village that welcomes tourist in their home.

Nyuh Kuning Village is one of the villages in the Ubud area that adheres traditions and customs and offer the real Balinese life there.

11. Bamboo Experience

Bali is equivalent to Bamboo and rustic athmosphere.

Learn more about this tropical feel in the Green Village with a collection of bespoke, luxury bamboo homes all seamlessly integrated into the Ayung Valley nature.

Bambu Indah is another Bamboo retreat that offers bamboo experience with places up high in the tree house or close to the ground with open glass tile of the running water underneath.

12. Wildlife

Popular wildlife in Ubud include monkeys and hundreds of different kinds of birds.

At a domestic level, you can easily find chickens, ducks, pigs, cows, geckos and other lizards, bats, and the Bali dog.

Some of the rarer birds can be seen at the Bali Bird Park. If you are lucky, thousands of Kokokan birds (a type of stork) fly from all over Bali to Petulu Village and display a truly unique natural phenome. Check out the Rimba Reptile Park while you were in the area.

13. Unusual Sunset

Ubud always a bit different from the rest of Bali. The amazing Bali sunset also beg the differ.

There are many way to enjoy this phenomenon. You can hike to Mount Batur to watch it fro the height.

You can go to the beach and watch the lining from the shore. Moreover, you can take a cruise and enjoy sunset on a boat. Another very Ubud way to enjoy the sun is to see it sparkle among the rice field that depicts translucent and green combination.

14. Take Classes

There is so much from Ubud that you can learn. Take any cooking class to learn their authentic dishes.

Visit the Pondok Pekak Library and learn a skill for a lifetime. You can learn some Balinese specialties like Fruit-carving and Jewellery -Making.

Moreover, get to know about Balinese cultures by trying your hand at Balinese Dance and Balinese Painting.

These are some the things that you need to do in Ubud. The place is best known for relaxing and secluded greenery areas. Ubud city like any other cities in Bali is very cultural and modest.

They tent to keep their opinion to themselves which is consider a very polite gestures of any tourist. The green athmosphere and off the beat path offer a diffent Bali experience.