All The Things You Must Eat in Bali Indonesia

Anyone would know the name of Bali island. An island that serving the country with taxes from tourism areas surely has many things to offer for the tourists. Name it, there are several popular locations available on the island that you can pick. They have their own unique specialties that loved by everybody who already visited those places.

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Aside from the interesting locations, of course you go to Bali island for something else, right? The Culinary. Hunting some foods and snacks that sold exclusively in the island is one of many great activities that you can do in Bali. And talking about kinds of them, there are so many. So, to help you with the hunt for foods and snacks you must eat in Bali Indonesia, we already prepared a list containing 16 of them. Check them below :

1. Bengil Duck

The first one inside the foods and snack you must buy eat in Bali Indonesia is the Bengil Duck. This is one of many legendary meals that you can find in this island. It considered being an old meal that firstly popular back in 1990. The Original Crispy Duck, is the tagline of Bengil Duck business that you can find in Ubud area of Gianyar regency, Bali island Indonesia.

The Bengil Duck looks really tasty with its crispy skin and the tasteful duck meat that nicely done by the chefs at Bebek Bengil. The Bebek Bengil served in this restaurant also has some things to complete it such as the steamed rice, side salad, and also the sauteed potatoes. Aside from this Bebek Bengil, you can also pick the other duck meals like Nasi Campur Bebek and Duck Spring Roll.

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2. Nasi Ayam Kadewatan

Moving from the first meal, we’re going to the street of Kedewata number 18 in Ubud, Gianyar to visit one restaurant named Nasi Ayam Kadewatan Bu Mangku. Of course, the top menu in here is the Nasi Ayam Kadewatan itself, the signature dish of this restaurant. This is one of the best meals you should get when visiting Bali island because aside for having a wonderful taste, you can also buy it with a cheap price possible.

Inside a portion of Nasi Ayam Kadewatan, you can find the rice, of course, a very nice chicken meat, and some small dishes like an egg, vegetables, and some nuts. And don’t forget, there’s also a sambal that put in there, a special one that can burn your tongue. All of them are also completed with a splash of nut sauce. The Nasi Ayam Kadewatan is only Rp25.000,-.

3. Nasi Tekor

Another meal you must eat in Bali Indonesia is Nasi Tekor. Like the Bengil Duck above, this Nasi Tekor is also a legendary meal that fortunately still exists until now. Nasi Tekor usually served not on the plate, but on banana leaves. With the aroma of those leaves and the freshness that this meal can give to you, it’ll be a wonderful breakfast.

Many people would love to spend their time to visit some areas in Bali to get some portions of this Nasi Tekor. For example, you can visit village areas like Ubud and Seminyak. You can easily find the name “Nasi Tekor” right in front of their humble restaurants. Usually they look really simple, but behind them, there’s Nasi Tekor that can always spoil anybody who eats it.

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4. Nasi Campur Ayam

Basically, almost all meals in Bali are mixed. The foods above, are actually some of them, including this one Nasi Campur Ayam. Do you know what Nasi Campur really is? If you already spent some days or weeks or even years in Indonesia, you can be very familiar with one because this meal is always used as an affordable meal with very good nutrition.

Just imagine that you can get meats, rice, vegetables, sambal sauce, and the other complements with a price less than twenty thousand rupiahs. Very nice, isn’t it? In Bali, you can also get a very affordable Nasi Campur completed with chicken meats and some crackers with paying for about Rp20.000,-. There are Nasi Campur(s) that have a lesser price, but with fewer side dishes.

5. Nasi Jinggo

Many of us know about kinds of fast food that we can get these days. You can name it, things like burgers, hot dogs, fried chickens, and pasta are the most favorite ones. But, back before entering 21st century, there was a traditional fast food in Bali called Nasi Jinggo or Nasi Jenggo. Nasi Jenggo started to exists long before entering 2000, even way before Monetary Crisis.

Back in those days, the price of a Nasi Jinggo is only about Rp1.500,- which is like less than a dollar. With that price, you can get a complete set of rice, side dishes and also sambal. The portion however, is pretty small. That’s why people who are buying this Nasi Jinggo are always ordered two or more portions of Nasi Jinggo. Especially if they’re looking for breakfast.

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6. Jaje Laklak

In this part to below, we want to tell you about the snacks that you must eat in Bali Indonesia. For the first one, let’s start with this Jaje Laklak. On the first glance, maybe you think that this snack is actually a Serabi. But no, it’s not the same as the usual Serabi that you can find in your own area. But, both of them have small similarities, such as the round shape and also the white color.

Usually, this kind of snack is really perfect for your breakfast. Besides it’s easy to make, Jaje Laklak is also can be very fulfilling. You can eat it with some drinks like tea or coffee. If you don’t have time to make a decent breakfast, you can combine rice flour, coconut milk, grated coconut, baking powder, some salt, and hot water altogether to make a good portion of Jaje Laklak.

7. Godoh Gedang

For you who like to hang out in the night with some friends in coffee stalls located in your area, you may be very familiar with Gorengan or fried foods. There are kinds of Gorengan in the usual coffee stalls or warung kopi such as Tempe Goreng (fried Tempe), Tahu Goreng, Singkong goreng, and also Pisang goreng. Godoh Gedang is very familiar with that Pisang Goreng.

The Godoh Gedang has crispy texture, which is the same as Pisang goreng. So what’s the difference between the common Pisang goreng and this traditional Balinese snacks. The ingredients are also basically just the same. The only difference that we can find is the additional pandan leaves. Godoh Gedang is always added with those leaves to make the aroma better and stronger.

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8. Jaje Sumping

And here’s Jaja Sumping. Now, does this snack look different from the other Jaje(s) on this article? As you can see, the Jaje Sumping is covered in a banana leaf. And the form of it is just the same with East Java’s Nogosari. Even though it looks like having a yellow color right in it, but is it truly a banana that used inside of it? No, turns out it’s not our usual banana.

That yellow color is the Balinese yellow pumpkin that known as Waluh. Even though it’s not a banana, but Jaje Sumping is still a very good snack to eat. But, even though the main ingredient is banana, people of Bali also use different fruits like Banana and Jackfruit. As long as the color inside stays yellow. Aside from those fruits, you can add your favorite yellow-colored fruit based on your own taste.

9. Jaje Pisang Rai

And in the 9th place, we have the last Jaje on the list named Jaje Pisang Rai. Doesn’t it look wonderful? Based on our opinion, this one is granted a title of tastiest snack in Bali. Aside from its interesting look, we also like the taste of it very much. Even though the making process of it is rather complex than the other Jajes, but it’s really worth it.

As you can see, Jaje Pisang Rai uses the green banana. Not the green raw banana, but a ripe banana that covered in green flour. The dough is chewy and really nice when combined with the banana. It’s just the same as Pisang Ijo, that usually served with ice (Es Pisang Ijo). But, this Jaje Pisang Rai also added with grated coconuts.

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As for the foods and snacks that you must eat in Bali Indonesia, the ten kinds of food above wouldn’t be enough as representations for them all. So, we also prepare a small list containing six of them that would complete our list of the things you must eat in Bali Indonesia.

  1. Nasi Tempong
  2. Ayam Bakar Taliwang
  3. Komoh
  4. Rujak Bulung
  5. Lawar
  6. Bagiak

The article about the meals you must eat in Bali Indonesia finally done here. For the prices of them, you can bring as much money you want and you can still get them for their cheap price, but high- quality foods and snacks.