13 Things To Do in Bali With a 4 Years Old

Many interesting things can be done at the time of the holiday season. For example, during the Christmas and New Year holidays, there are lots of special locations for vacationing with a family that you can spend together. Flights to the island of Bali greatly increased significantly. If you do not order tickets from afar, […]

14 Most Popular Food In Surabaya

It’s not complete if you are traveling in a city not tasting a variety of special foods as well as drinks native to the area. Well, for those of you who have or have never traveled around the city of Surabaya, East Java there are many places that are worth a visit. Aside from being […]

15 Things To Do In Jakarta For a Day

You are on vacation to Jakarta with vacation destinations and want to spend all day, then your choice is not wrong. There are many places in Jakarta that you can make as a fun hangout location. Jakarta is not just an easy place for you to find work, there are lots of fun things. Including […]

15 Things To Do In Jakarta With Boyfriend

Who says walking and vacationing in the city of Jakarta is boring? There are many activities and interesting places that can be used as favorite places to spend time with your partner. You are guaranteed to be happy and will come back to enjoy it again. Choice recommendations best food in West Jakarta you should know. […]

15 Things To Do In Jakarta Old Town

When you walk and enjoy the beauty of the old city in Jakarta, you can try many things there. There are many types of culinary tours, photo tours, art markets, and so on. The old city witnesses the history of the Indonesian struggle against the invaders. In addition, this typical Dutch-style building is an attraction […]

14 Types Of Crocodile are In Indonesia

Indonesia nature has a variety of fauna as well as many florae, unique is also interesting to explore. One of them is this one animal, the carnivorous type and the most terrible predator. A crocodile is able to live in two realms though, crocodiles are able to swim to the bottom of the water such […]

15 Interesting Facts about Bali Beaches

Talking about beaches in Bali will never disappoint. There are many interesting and amazing things that can be found while on vacation in Bali. Things that cannot be missed while vacationing in Bali are the beaches. In order for your vacation to be memorable, there are many things that need to be known so that […]

14 Facts About Bali Food You Will Surprise

In addition to the famous island of Bali with stunning natural attractions, it is incomplete if you are in Bali and try various Balinese culinary varieties. Balinese specialties are now phenomenal because they have unique local flavors, fancy spices, and unusual cooking methods. Well, for you, culinary love is perfect to try and taste all […]

15 Facts About Bali Tigers Indonesia

Seeing and knowing that the tiger population that is currently starting to become extinct is really sad and also concerning. Endemic animals should still be there and can still be protected from various extinctions, including examples of poaching. However, do you know that at this time the development of the Balinese tiger has suffered extinction?. […]

14 Must Visit Markets in Bali

For those of you who are happy with the world of shopping, and happen to be in Bali on holiday events. So you should try to visit some cheap markets in the city of Bali. In addition, there are many items, souvenirs, food, clothing, and also a complete and attractive choice, and the prices offered […]