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14 Types Of Crocodile are In Indonesia

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Indonesia nature has a variety of fauna as well as many florae, unique is also interesting to explore. One of them is this one animal, the carnivorous type and the most terrible predator.


A crocodile is able to live in two realms though, crocodiles are able to swim to the bottom of the water such as estuaries, swamps and so on.

Crocodile becomes predator no. 1 after tigers, lions, sharks and the like. Seen from the physical, the crocodile is very horrible and frightening, this animal is an animal that likes tranquility. Here the samples of the best places for Wildlife Indonesia.

If they hear a voice, they will be ready to pounce and hunt towards the voice. The spread of crocodiles in Indonesia is very large, the area that is commonly used as a place of life such as on land, estuaries, swamps and the sea. To find out the type of crocodiles is in Indonesia, the following explanation can be known:

1. Estuary Crocodile

Estuary CrocodileEstuary crocodiles are the largest, longest and most violent crocodile species in the world. Estuarine crocodiles also have a very wide distribution habitat, even the widest compared to other crocodile species.

Estuarine crocodiles can be found from the Bay of Bengal (India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) to the Fiji Islands. Indonesia is the favorite habitat for estuarine crocodiles other than Australia.

With the climate in Indonesia making estuarine crocodiles flourish well, and also the population of food that is more than enough makes crocodiles easy to find food. Estuary crocodile size can reach 7-8 meters with a weight of 200 kilograms.

This crocodile usually lives upstream to the sea, so many say that the crocodile is the same as the sea crocodile. Because his life can adapt anywhere. Hence the importance of rare animals to Indonesia that you must know.

2. Freshwater Crocodile

Freshwater CrocodileSiamese crocodiles originate from Siam. Siamese crocodiles in addition to Indonesia can also be found in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos, and Cambodia.

In Indonesia, crocodile crocodiles are only found in Java and Kalimantan. This crocodile has a fairly small size, only 2 to. Then the eggs will hatch within 80 days.

The current population is quite a lot, this animal also looks big enough to measure its weight. So that making this crocodile included in animals is quite feared.

3. Irian Crocodile

Irian CrocodileThe next type of crocodiles are in Indonesia is only found on the island of Irian Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

The body shape of a crocodile that lives in freshwater resembles an estuarine crocodile, only smaller and blacker in color. Papaya crocodile scales are also larger, compared to other crocodile scales.

The body size of male crocodiles can reach 3.3 meters, while the body size of female crocodiles is only 2.6 meters. Ian crocodiles can live in salt water. However, they are rarely found in salty or brackish waters. Hence the list of dangerous animals in Indonesia you should know.

4. Kalimantan Crocodile

Kalimantan CrocodileKalimantan crocodiles have characteristics similar to estuarine crocodiles. That is, the size can reach 7 to 8 meters and weighs around 200 kilograms.

These crocodiles usually live upstream to the sea. Crocodiles which can only be found in East Kalimantan and South Kalimantan.

While the population of Kalimantan crocodiles is rarely found, only in a few areas, such as in Sanggata and East Kalimantan.

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5. Mindoro Crocodile

Mindoro CrocodileMindoro crocodile was originally included in the class of children of the crocodile irian or Crocodylus novaeguineae.

With the development of the environment and the evolution of the present time, this crocodile is considered a separate type.

Mindoro crocodiles in Indonesia can be found in eastern and southeast Sulawesi. The following the native animals in Indonesia, characteristics.

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6. Senyulong Crocodile

Senyulong CrocodileType of crocodiles are in Indonesia, which needs to be known is the type of crocodile is in full color. Real crocodiles are spread across Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Java.

What distinguishes the crocodile in the wild from other types of crocodiles is its relatively narrow snout.

This animal has a different genus from crocodiles. Therefore, the Latin name of this animal uses the word Tomistoma instead of Crocodylus. Sepit crocodiles have flat and sharp snout shapes. His skin was brownish at a young age and blackened after adulthood. This crocodile has a large body size that can reach a length of 5 meters.

7. Alligator or Sahul Crocodile

Alligator or Sahul CrocodileSahul crocodiles are actually the same or are still considered one type with irian crocodiles. These generally nocturnal reptiles develop in the freshwater areas of Papua, in rivers, swamps, and lakes.

This crocodile is one type of crocodile that is widely exploited to use its skin as accessories for bags, shoes, clothing, and so on.

Its body length reaches 3 m in the male, while the female reaches about 2 m. This crocodile has relatively larger and sharp scales. Here they are top endangered Animals in Indonesia which must be preserved.

8. Fish Eating Crocodiles

Fish Eating CrocodilesType of crocodiles are in Indonesia called Gavialis gangeticus, currently, the existence of this fauna is extinct. The original habitat comes from India to Indonesia.

It has a size of up to 6 meters, has 110 sharp teeth interlocking and a long thin snout suitable for catching fish, which is the main food.

Their homes are mainly in rivers that flow with high sand dikes and are used for sunbathing and building their nests. This crocodile usually marries in the winter and the eggs hatch before the rainy season.

9. Albino Crocodile

Albino CrocodileAlbino crocodiles certainly have the characteristics of white skin color and become unusual compared to other crocodiles.

In Indonesia itself the spread of Albino crocodiles is still very rare, all types of crocodiles have the tendency of Albino genes.

However, not all can be in the form of Albino, and this crocodile is very rare. So even if there is, it will definitely be bred in captivity or zoos. This is endemic animals of Borneo, Indonesia.

10. Bekatak Crocodile

Bekatak CrocodileCrocodile Porosus is a large crocodile. Generally living in rivers and estuaries in Indonesia, but now the population is very rare, even almost extinct.

Finally, this crocodile was found on Bangka Island in January 2018.

This crocodile is also known as the saltwater crocodile, sea crocodile, and other local names. And this type of crocodile is known to prey on humans around their habitat.


Next type of crocodiles are in Indonesia that can be known apart from the above are:

  • Crocodiles that live in the lake are the same as crocodiles that live in estuaries. This type of crocodile is very dangerous if in direct contact with humans. Besides his life can move, crocodiles are known to have two lives on land and also in water. Here they are the things you only see in Indonesia, very surprising.
  • False gharial crocodiles come from Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia and Kalimantan. It is seldom touted as one of the largest crocodiles, but there is plenty of evidence that they reach extraordinary sizes, in the range of 6 to 7 meters. They are called wrong gharials because their slender snouts are similar to actual gharials, their wide jaws and the largest individuals can prey on large prey.
  • Gharials may be the most aquatic animals of all crocodiles, and their legs are very short and weak; they actually just leave the water to bask in the sun and lay eggs. It has a very long and slender snout adjusted to catch fish, as well as teeth that are interlocked and needle-like. The following common types of Eagles in Indonesia, endemics animal.
  • Swamp crocodiles are species that live in swamps, are not so big for a crocodile, and also do not have a very unusual appearance. This type is very aggressive and fairly dangerous. Crocodiles are very active species that spend a lot of time on land, even though they are considered semiaquatic and not terrestrial animals.

Such is the explanation and some examples of types of crocodiles are in Indonesia that can be known. Hopefully, it will be new benefits and insights for yours.

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