8 Interesting Facts About the 2018 Asian Games In Indonesia

The first time Indonesia hosted Asian Games was back in 1962, where Jakarta, as the capital city of Indonesia, became the main venue. Fifty-six years later, in 2018, Indonesia once again became the host for this biggest Asian sports event. But this time the event was held in two cities, Jakarta and Palembang, which regarded […]

13 Interesting Facts about Indonesia Elephants

You must know this animal, no elephant. A big animal and also big ears that are very smart and funny. The famous Asian elephants are in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and including Indonesia and India. The current elephant population, especially in Indonesia is very and even almost extinct, due to the narrowing of land for […]

14 Facts about Indonesia Natural Resources

Speaking about Indonesia, of course, there is a lot of uniqueness, diversity, culture, customs, natural wealth, buildings, and so on. As a country rich in resources, it is not surprising that Indonesia’s natural wealth has become the target of many countries, for example, PT. Freeport Indonesia. Read also : Natural Resourses In Bali Indonesia Natural […]

15 Surprising Facts About Indonesia Elephants

The elephant is a large, intelligent animal and became one of the protected animals and became one of the animals that are now beginning to extinct its existence. Therefore, in Indonesia along with the narrowness of land and forests for the life of elephants, many natural conservation centers help to protect and care for wild […]

17 Fascinating Facts About Indonesia Literautes

Sometimes most people think that the Indonesian literature majors are not prestigious, lost to other majors such as engineering, economics or medicine. So, many people who looked at the eyes of students majoring in Indonesian literature. Though literature students actually have many advantages compared with other majors students. After knowing the advantages of Indonesian literature, […]

17 Amazing Facts About Indonesia Rainforest

The country of Indonesia is a tropical country, where the climate has 2 margin that is summer and winter or rain. As tropical climates in Indonesia, it also has a famous forest among the world’s forests. As one of the largest contributors to oxygen both in Indonesia and around the world. You need to know […]

17 Benefits Of Tourism In Indonesia – Hidden Paradise

Indonesia became the preferred tourist destination for many visitors, both local and international visitors. Many interesting sights, fun and also uni that can be enjoyed. Cheap price and equipped with adequate fleet fitting into one of the countries with a fantastic tour. Hence interesting positive impacts of tourism in Indonesia. In addition to the above, for […]

17 Benefits Of Living In Indonesia

Wherever you settle and stay certainly provide some benefits and advantages. There is a comfortable, safe, peaceful to feel satisfied in this environment. One of them is in Indonesia, why Indonesia became a country that many people demanded to be used as a place to settle and spend the rest of their lives with the […]

13 Fascinating Facts about Papua Indonesia

What do you think if you hear about Papua? Do you imagine Raja Ampat as the most beautiful place that you want to visit? Yap, Raja Ampat is one of the popular destinations for the foreign traveler. Actually, Papua is considered as a beautiful area at the eastern part of Indonesia. Besides, it is a […]

Top 13 Interesting Facts in Palembang Indonesia

What is on your minds if you hear about Palembang? Do you think of Musi River, Ampera Bridge, or even Pempek? Yup,Palembang is the popular city in Indonesia which is located in South of Sumatra. It has been recognized as the second big city in Sumatera after Medan. More than those several popular identical things […]