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15 Great Importance of Tourism in Bali

by Tri Setiya

Bali is the God of Island with the master of natural beauty in Indonesia. It is an island with its undeniable beauty. No wonder, many tours in Bali you can visit. There will be exciting things waiting for you to do. Beach, Culture, culinary, those are some of the types of tours in Bali. Without your awareness, a visit to Bali has contributed a small contribution to the preservation of tourism in Bali. Here is the list of great importance of tourism in Bali.

1. To maximize natural beauty in Bali

Bali has an undeniable fact for its natural beauty. It would be just a sad thing, if we don’t utilize it as the great potential of tourism. A natural beauty of a place usually becomes a magnet for many tourists. That is why Bali is important to become the stakeholder of tourism center in Indonesia. Its beautiful nature is so great. It is too lovely to make it closed from the people of outside the country.

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2. To Promote the Balinese tourism

It is undeniable that the existence of tourism development in Bali makes Bali becomes well known to the world. Bali was crowned as one of the most famous tourism object in the world. It has also been the location of filming a Hollywood movie. Some Hollywood celebrities even celebrate their honeymoon in this place. The well-known travel site also issued the “Traveler’s Choice 2016” award, specifically for the “Best Island in the World” category, Bali ranks fifth. As for the category “Best Island in Asia”, Bali is ranked first.

3. To overcome unemployment

The more the development of tourism in Bali, there are more are created vacancies. Tourist attractions are identical with hotels, resorts, cafes, and restaurants. Automatically, the owner will need many employees to become employees in his company. For this reason, employment in Bali is increasingly open along with the development of tourism. In this case, the tourism in Bali would be useful to overcome unemployment.

4. To get more profit for the people around tourism area

Automatically, the tourism will provide economic benefits to hotels and restaurants. For example, tourists who travel with their families need bigger rooms and more food. Indirect economic impacts can be felt by traders in the market as demand for goods / foodstuffs will increase. That is why it is really beneficial for the people around tourism area.

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5. To conserve the culture and nature

We basically understand the complexity of nature and the role of the resources that are around us. When outsiders come and admire our environment, our culture and traditions there will be a sense of pride in what we have and will usually be followed by conservation efforts. Many of us then try to protect our region and change lifestyle that can damage the environment, for example we will keep the environment clean, manage water quality and learn our culture and tradition.

6. To promote the local product

While visiting Bali, some people would love to buy traditional product of Bali as the souvenirs. Automatically, they would bring them home and share them with the family. Indirectly, the tourism in Bali has been successfully promoting the local products of Indonesia to go abroad. The examples of Balinese local products used for souvenir such as: Balinese mask, statue, leak cloth, and much more.

7. Attracts the foreign investment

The expenditure of the tourism sector will cause the local economy to wriggle and become a stimulus to invest and cause the financial sector to grow as the growth of other economic sectors. We can take the experience in some countries that the arrival of tourists to a tourist destination also led to the growth of foreign exchange business to provide services and convenience for tourists during their trip.

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8. Get the governance’s concern

The great tourism means the great infrastructure. While Bali contributed much income for government, the government would more concern to Bali. Some of supported public facilities such as sea highway, department store, amusement park are massively constructed in tourism area. There are also many hotels and restaurants that available in Bali.

9. To support the government increasing the GDP

The contribution of tourism to government revenue can be described in two, namely: direct and indirect contributions. Direct contributions are derived from income taxes levied from tourism workers and tourism businesses in tourist areas received directly by the revenue service of a destination. Meanwhile, indirect contributions of tourism to government revenues come from taxes or customs on imported goods and taxes imposed on visiting tourists.

10. To decrease the poverty in Bali

The growing number of jobs available in Bali, eating the population in Bali slightly reduced. This is evidenced by the slums of slum dwellings in 2016. They find work through tourism in Bali. Some of them there are selling hawkers, rent a kiosk, and some even sell souvenirs around the tourist area.

11. To announce the world that Bali is a part of Indonesia

During these days, Bali is more popular than in Indonesia. That is the function of tourism. Here, more tourists will start to understand that Bali is the part of Indonesia. Hopefully, by tourism in Bali, they would understand that some of Balinese still use Indonesian language. It is a sign that Bali is the part of Indonesia.

12. To increase the regional income

Tourism revenues are often used to measure the economic value of a tourist area. While some local revenues are very difficult to quantify because not all tourist expenditures are clearly identifiable such as the income of informal workers such as unofficial taxi drivers, unofficial guides, and so on. However, regional tourism revenues can help generate local cash so that it can be used to build useful facilities.

13. Make Balinese Food Well Known

Bali is a heaven of food. Each region in Indonesia has their own special and traditional food. The food comes in various ingredients and taste. Moreover, some of the food are highly served only for special occasions as there is local wisdom and history in it. Through tourism, more people are exposed to the local food. They will want to try everything from every region as they all have different taste.

14. Maximize the Balinese potential in tourism

Besides its nature, Bali is also potential in other tourism objects such as spiritual, religion, culture, even sport tourism. These complete things in Bali must be the potential of tourism in Bali. All of them should be maximized in the building. So, more tourists would come to visit Bali as their destination.

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15. Attract the foreign tourist

The tourism in Bali is one of the magnets for tourists. Some of them also come from abroad country. While visiting Bali and seeing Bali is pretty beautiful place to visit, they would recommend Bali to their friends or relatives. It could be a media to promote Bali through the foreign tourists. It will be much better when more foreign tourists come to Bali.

Those are the importance of tourism in Bali. It is become the magnet to attract the tourist for visiting Indonesia again and again. And for those who live in Indonesia, have you visited Bali yet? If you have not, you could make it as an annual to do list. Who knows, next year you will be there.

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