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13 Good and Bad Effects of Tourism in Bali

by Tri Setiya

When planning a vacation to the island of Bali, you will surely find interesting holiday activities and attractions that must be visited during a vacation on the island of Bali. Bali is indeed a favorite destination for vacation, both for domestic and foreign tourists. There are so many attractions that this exotic island has to offer, ranging from natural panorama to artificial tourist attractions. But did you know that the development of tourism in Bali to give both positive and negative impacts. Here are the lists of effects tourism.

  1. Bali Becomes well known all over the world

It is undeniable that the existence of tourism development in Bali makes Bali becomes well known to the world. Bali was crowned as one of the most famous tourism object in the world. It has also been the location of filming a Hollywood movie. Some Hollywood celebrities even celebrate their honeymoon in this place. The well-known travel site also issued the “Traveler’s Choice 2016” award, specifically for the “Best Island in the World” category, Bali ranks fifth. As for the category “Best Island in Asia”, Bali is ranked first.

  1. Many people learn Balinese Culture and language

The number of temples in Bali is also a special attraction, especially among international tourists who are always eager to learn the history and culture of Indonesia. No half-hearted, you can find about 20 thousand temples in Bali. This makes the Balinese culture much studied by foreign tourists. Even cultural researchers from abroad deliberately come to Bali to study the social culture in Bali. They assess the cultural tourism in Bali is a unique thing that needs to be studied.

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  1. Bali become the most visited destination in Indonesia

Bali is still a prima donna of Indonesian tourism. The proof, foreign tourist arrivals there number millions and continue to increase per year. In the period of January to May 2016, the number of foreign tourists visiting Bali is 1.800.000 people. While in 2017, Bali receives 4.55 million foreign tourists visit during the nine months of January-September 2017. It is increased 916.047 people or 25.17 percent over the same period the previous year recorded 3.63 million people. Tourists who came were no longer dominated by those from Europe and Australia. There are also Korean and Chinese tourists who visit this island.

  1. Many scams also threat the tourists in Bali

Where there is a crowd, there are also many criminal and fraud. Denpasar City area is the most prominent area in crime action. The most prominent, is the theft. Various criminal acts put foreign tourists as victims or perpetrators, became a serious problem in Bali, as the world’s tourism destination. The criminal act such as theft, robbery, rape, and other cases are often heard and experienced by tourists.

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  1. Bali is more popular than Indonesia

Almost all people from various countries know Bali and even already many of them who have vacation to this island. But unfortunately when he heard Indonesia they claim not to know where the country is located when they are very familiar with Bali well. This phenomenon is often the case because Bali is one of the most beautiful islands in the world that presents a variety of unique traditions that attract many foreign tourists.

  1. The increase of public facility

The existence of sources of income derived from tourism activities both within and outside protected areas can improve and improve services to the community. For example, the community will be able to access health services and education better. In addition, the application of taxes or incentives can also assist development projects in the community. Taxes can be obtained from regional entry fees or area use concessions. Community projects can be funded from these sustainable tourism activities such as funding ongoing school programs or building new health clinics.

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  1. Public Awareness on Conservation

It has become commonplace if we are usually less appreciative and appreciative of our surroundings. This can be caused because every moment we live in it so less able to see the beauty, uniqueness and delicious. We basically understand the complexity of nature and the role of the resources that are around us. When outsiders come and admire our environment, our culture and traditions there will be a sense of pride in what we have and will usually be followed by conservation efforts.

Many of us then try to protect our region and change lifestyle that can damage the environment, for example we will keep the environment clean, manage water quality and learn our culture and tradition.

  1. Culture Exchange

Interaction with the local community and its traditions and culture is something that is very valuable for tourists, this is one of the reasons they travel. Vice versa for local people, can build a sense of confidence and proud of their culture because the traditions and culture favored by tourists. The role and interaction of local people to tourism and tourists is an added value for tourism. However, the success of this interactive process depends on the local community as well, how they process the processes and situations. Language skills (for foreign tourists) as well as the friendliness and warmth of local attitudes are essential to this endeavor

  1. Many tourists want to stay permanently in Bali

The exoticism of beauty in Bali makes many tourists fall in love with Bali. They became unwilling to leave Bali and settled there for some time. Some of them are even interested in making business in Bali. In fact, some foreign travelers claim to love Bali and want to stay there longer to explore the nature. This can be a pride and a loss for Bali. However, we should be grateful that Bali is so loved by people from all over the world.

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  1. Increase the regional income in Bali

Tourism can bring in fixed income whose effects can be chained. One of them is the creation of jobs for local people. In addition, people can still earn income through expenditures by tourists such as souvenirs, food-drinks, lodging, or other tourism services. But keep in mind that people can’t fully be depended their income from tourism. Tourism conditions are highly volatile depending on many things including economic conditions and safety and comfort factors. A lot of work in the tourism sector is also a part-time or seasonal job, for example a tour guide will have jobs if there are tourists.

  1. The Damage toward the environment

The source of the damage is derived from the number and behavior of tourists that can disrupt and damage local environmental conditions. Relates closely to the carrying capacity of the environment and can be controlled by the application of good tourism management by applying acceptable limits on changes. The process used is adaptive active. Always be able to see any changes that occur by setting criteria and indicators tailored to the purpose of built tourism paradigm.

  1. The density in Bali

Too many tourists will disrupt the convenience of the tourists themselves and also the people living in the area, especially if this happens in protected areas. The density in Bali will cause some bad effects toward the environment. The potential imbalance of nature would trigger some dangerous disaster such as flood and landslide.

  1. Too much building that ruin ecosystem

Increased tourism development becomes not well controlled. So, it can interfere toward comfort and damage the environment. There are two types of construction, namely planned construction and unplanned construction. Planned development such as resorts, hotels, docks, road access, and other tourism support facilities are good. They already occupy space and a certain amount.

The example of unplanned construction is tourism workers’ homes. Unplanned construction is usually caused by people looking for jobs in the tourism sector. The construction is often arbitrary. It doesn’t pay attention to sanitation and environmental hygiene so often emerging slums and wild huts around the tourist sites.

Those are the effects of tourism in Bali. All in all, Bali is the perfect place to become your next destination. You could find everything that you want to see here.

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