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8 Largest Caves in Indonesia You Must Know

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A cave is a structure formed through natural forces. Most caves are large enough for people to explore. Furthermore, these caves are underground which also mean that there are river running in it. They make exploring the caves even more adventurous. Indonesia is a land that has many caves. There are different caves all over the regions in Indonesia. These caves are large and deep. Some are beautiful with hanging stalactites and stalagmites. On the other hand, some houses interesting species. To know more about some of these caves, read the 8 Largest Caves in Indonesia below.


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1. Jomblang Cave

The Jomblang cave is very famous for its size and its beauty. It is among one of the most favourite caves for people to go to. The cave is located in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. More specifically, it lies in Gunung Kidul. You can climb the cave using a rope.

Moreover, you can spend as much time as you want to explore everything that is inside the cave. What attracts many people to this cave is the hole in the cave ceiling. Sun rays can come in through the hole and illuminate the cave, showing everyone the true expansiveness of the Jomblang cave.

2. Cerme Cave

Next is the Cerme cave. Similar to the Jomblang cave, it is also located in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. You can find the cave in the Bantul region. Explorers like to come into this cave. There are so many huge stalactites hanging in the cave.

Additionally, they are always wet. Other than the stalactites, there are stalagmites and flow stones too. Also inside the Cerme cave, there is an underground river. The water in the cave can get quite deep. On average, it may reach to the waist of an adult. The highest point of the water is when it reaches the neck.

3. Tiger Cave

Another large cave is the Tiger cave. The Tiger cave lies in the Sumatra Island. More specifically, it is located in the Oku region. Reportedly, there were so many fossil remains found in the cave. The cave is so large that it houses around 78 skeletons of farmers from around the area. The age of the fossils is estimated to be around 3.000 years. The cave has been used for many research purposes. It is assumed that the name is Tiger cave because tigers are popular wild animals in Sumatra.

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4. Leang Pute Cave

Leang Pute cave can be found in the National Park of Bantimurung Bulusaraung. It lies in the South Sulawesi region in Indonesia. The Leang Pute cave is a huge cave as it also deep. In fact, it is the deepest cave in Indonesia reaching up to 270 metres.

There are two entrances to this cave, the pitch and the Dinosaur hole at the mouth of the cave. Despite its isolated location and condition, there are many animals that live in it. They include bats, snakes and all kinds of spiders.

5. Gong Cave

The next cave is the Gong cave. The cave is located in Pacitan regency, East Java province. Other than its impressive size, the cave is also beautiful. During daytime, the sunlight can pass through the cave.

Inside, there are stalactites and stalagmites with dripping water from the ceiling. When the stalactites and stalagmites are hit, they create sound that echo through the cave. The sound may resemble that of gamelan, thus the name of the cave is Gong. Gong is one of the musical instrument used in a gamelan orchestra in Indonesia. The sound in the cave is similar to the sound that a gong makes when someone hits it.

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6. Lawa Cave

Lawa cave is a special kind of cave since it is different than the rest. It is actually a huge volcanic cave. The cave is located in the eastern Java Island. The cave was formed from the lava that flowed out of the volcano. There are waters that drip from the roof to the ground on the cave. Moreover, the cave is extremely dark. All you can hear in the cave the sound of flocking wings.

Those wings belong to the bats that live inside the cave. The word lawa means bat in English. The cave is given a name that corresponds to the creatures that live in it.

7. Kiskendo Cave

The next one is Kiskendo cave. The cave is located in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. To be precise, it lies in the Kulon Progo regency. The cave houses large chambers of stalactites and stalagmites. There around 15 chambers inside the caves. That means that the cave has more rooms than other caves in Indonesia.

There is also a huge jug made from clay that lies in the center of the cave. The jug is there to catch the water from the stalactites. People are also allowed to drink from the water especially those who are thirsty from exploring the big cave.

8. Maharani Cave

This last large cave in Indonesia is called Maharani cave. The cave is located in Lamongan regency in East Java. The inside of the cave is beautiful which can be seen from the state of the stalactites and the stalagmites inside the cave.

They are still growing healthily in the cave. Moreover, they are still able to reflect colourful lights when they come into contact with any source of light. Maharani cave is often compared to the Altamira cave in Spain and the Mammoth cave in the U.S.

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For you who want to know one of largest cave in Indonesia, here the information from one of traveller that already visited Jomblang Cave in Yogyakarta, Indonesia Java island.

So those are the largest caves that are currently in Indonesia. The caves are filled with wonders. Those of you who are hungry for adventures should try going into one of these caves. See everything that are inside the caves with your own eyes. Enrich your Indonesia experience by exploring one of its amazing natural environment.

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