15 Types of Bamboo Indonesia You Can Find

After talking so many stuff about Indonesia like its culture, its traditional dances, its foods, or even the wonderful coffees, we want to tell you about one important plant, a bamboo. Bamboo is an important thing in Indonesia, because people can use it to be a material for building structures, especially for people who live […]

15 Famous Plants in Indonesia (#3 is Exotic)

Indonesia is composed of more than 17.000 islands from Sabang until Merauke. Moreover it is situated in the transitional zone between the world’s flora and fauna habitats. These islands are a natural ecosystem for more Indonesian flora and fauna. Indonesian endemic plants is concentrated in the tropical rainforest. Here are some endemic plants in Indonesia. […]

Indonesia Cotton Fabric – Making Process – Places

Cotton is a natural plant fiber from cotton seeds. The fibers used in the textile industry are the starting point of the production chain. Cotton fibers are obtained from cotton plants and then woven into threads. The woven cotton yarn or knit is then converted into cloth. The use of cotton has a long tradition […]

Top 15 Indonesian Herbal Medicine – Benefits

In Indonesia alone many types of medicinal plants are scattered in various regions. Each region has its own recipe in processing herbs into medicinal plants. However, by re-using natural medicine will certainly minimize the side effects of drugs used. In addition, knowing the various medicinal plants that are efficacious in treating the disease will eliminate […]

15 Exotic Fruits of Indonesia (#5 is Sweet)

Fruit is a kind of plantation which human and also animal used for one of the food resources. Beside the vitamins, you can also get the nutrition from it. That’s why the fruit also have many benefit for human metabolism. Meanwhile, for people who don’t like fruits, don’t hate this topic yet. Now, we’re got to […]

5 Natural Resources of Indonesia – Types

Indonesia is an archipelago country, one of the largest country in the world by population. Located in tropical line, Indonesia posses so many natural resources, be it biotic or abiotic elements. You probably have heard it back in high school. Biotic elements means resources that are alive such as plants and animals. Abiotic resources means […]

21 Rafflesia Arnoldii Flower Facts (The Largest Flower in the World)

Rafflesia Arnoldii is the Latin name for an obligate parasites of plants known for having very large flowers. Locally known as “Padma Raksasa” and “Bunga Bangkai” in Indonesia. Its a parasitic plant that grows on plant tissues (liana) Tetrastigma and do not have leaves of their own, therefore, can not photosynthesize. Rafflesia arnoldii also known to be […]

Top 15 Native Plants of Indonesia (#5 is Popular)

Indonesia is the largest archipelago country in the world with more than 17,000 islands. Due to the vast territory of Indonesia, Indonesia becomes a home to many fauna and flora. In addition, Indonesia is also a transitional region between some of the world’s flora and fauna regional habitats. As a result, Indonesia being a home […]

Top 20 Indonesia Wildlife – Habits and Conservation

Various living creatures that exists in Indonesia are very diverse. The massive variation of living creatures in Indonesia flora and fauna are scattered diversely. Indonesia is a country whose territory is massive and has many variety of living things be it on land, sea or air. See also : Largest Cities In Indonesia Indonesian Tribes […]

Best 3 Indonesian National Flowers – Characteristics and Habitats

National flower is certain types of flower that are chosen by a country since those particular flowers can represent the characteristics of that country. Most countries in the world have their own national flower. National flower in one country is definitely different than national flower in other countries. Indonesia also has its own national flower […]