10 Unique Dining Experience in Bali You Must Try

Exploring Bali island is something endless. This place will never bore you. The island with name of the Island of the Gods has always had an interesting side to dive. The beauty of nature, culture, and modern attractions, it seems everything is complete. Perhaps some of you have spent many holidays in Bali with your family, friends, lovers, maybe even yourself.

However, do you remember the first time or the beginning to go to this island? There are many things that must be on your to-do list list. One of that you should write is having some unique experiences in Bali. It might be one of fun Activities to Do in Bali Indonesia.

  1. Eating in abandoned plane

The restaurant not only needs to serve a good menu, but also a unique atmosphere. This is what Keramas Aero Park Gianyar presents. In this place, the visitors can feel the atmosphere of enjoying good culinary in a plane. It is so cool, isn’t it?

Entering Keramas Aero Park Gianyar area, you will be able to see the existence of a Boeing 737-400 aircraft that is specifically purchased by the restaurant. This aircraft was delivered from Juanda International Airport in East Java with a fantastic price, IDR 3 billion. Wow, it is a fantastic price.

However, while you are going to visit this restaurant, make sure to make the reservation first. The visitors in this restaurant are limited for 250 persons only. Understandably, the seats on the plane are limited.

  1. Accompanied by the lions

Have you ever imagined dining and being accompanied by wild lions? Of course some of you will be fear. However, you can try this exciting experience in Tsavo Lion Restaurant which in the same complex with Bali Safari & Marine Park.

This unique concept restaurant apparently still held by the Safari park. Like in the prigen safari park with its tiger cave that offers the concept of a restaurant with a wandering white tiger.

The concept of dining with the lions in this restaurant is the first and only dining concept in Asia. The price that offered is also worth it with the taste and experience provided. So, are you interested to try it?

  1. Wearing Halloween costume

Have you ever tried a Halloween custom and felt the mystique atmosphere while dining? If you haven’t, now there is a unique Halloween restaurant concept in Bali. It is in Frankenstein Laboratory. Don’t be fooled with the name, Frankenstein Laboratory is a restaurant with a unique concept.

Located in the basement, the interior of the building is dominated by horror trinkets. Even the cafe waiters were also dressed in frightening costumes like in a Halloween day. Dishes are served using dinnerware like the one in a real laboratory. To test the guts while making a full stomach, just come to Frankenstein Laboratory on Jl. Camplung Horn No. 6, Seminyak, Badung regency, Bali.

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  1. Come back to 60’s

Get ready to go back in time as soon as you step into this restaurant. At the Cosmic Diner, you will be greeted with plaid floors, fluorescent jukeboxes, and other retro decorations that spoil your eyes. From chessboard-patterned floors, jukeboxes, red bar seating, to various retro-style ornaments on display really support the concept that is carried.

And for the foods, you will find a variety of halal American food, such as burgers, pancakes, waffles, sandwiches, fries, milkshakes and coffee. Do not miss the Chocolate Trifecta Shake served in a unique boot shaped.

  1. Feel like in a fairy tale

Located at Jalan Petitenget No. 106, Seminyak, Bali, this dining place which names Gardin Bistro is quite unique. Just feel like in a castle, the European Gothic concept is increasingly felt when entering it. How special is the inside of Gardin Bistro and Patisserie, from the shape of doors, glass windows, to high ceilings looming are perfectly like a castle.

There also served big chandeliers adorn the ceiling of this restaurant. The menu is also unique! It combines Balinese and Indonesian cuisine cooked in an international style that makes the menu offered here is so typical.

  1. Dining for bikers and surfers

Deus Ex Machina is a very popular cafe among motor lovers, bikers, and surfers. It also functioned as motorbike shops and trinkets, surfing equipment stores, and a photo gallery. Cool motors are still sleek and skateboard looks to meet every corner of this store, including accessories and other equipment.

Do not forget to try its coffee, which is predicted as one of the best coffee in Bali, as well as their main drink – Dirty Bintang. It is Bintang Beer served with ice cubes, a little chili and freshly squeezed lemon, then served in a glass on his lips coated with salt. It will rock your day!

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  1. Hang out in a garage

This place really looks like a real workshop, to the extent that you can smell the oil there.  For those automotive lovers and classic goods, you should pay a visit to Man Shed. Cars, old motor so a display in the cafe. The interior is really cool, especially for motorcycles. It just feels like at home and you will forget to go home here.

The desks are made of a modified old Vespa, so you can sit there as if you’re riding a real scooter matic. Unique wall decoration featuring old school plates, emergency lights, antique vehicle photos, and even a mannequin body. The menu offered here is various. The most favorite for visitors are Capcay and Steak.

  1. Floating Dining

In Bali there is a restaurant in the form of ship tourism, namely Waka Floating Restaurant Bali. There you will dine deliciously with surrounding the ocean. Having culinary on the boat, will not only give a sense of fullness to your stomach, but you can also feel the sensation of luxury and romantic.

Every time you eat the meal, you are taken around the ocean while accompanied by scenery and breeze. The menu that served includes local seafood, meat, and salads that you can enjoy in the middle of the ocean under the stars. This place would fit for those who have honey moon with the couple.

  1. Dining in a bamboo barn

Warung D’Sawah is a traditional Balinese restaurant that you should visit while having a culinary tour in Bali.

This restaurant carries the concept of village atmosphere in Bali. It is located at Jalan Kerobokan Kelud 17, North Kuta. Warung D’Sawah is surrounded by rice fields that become the main attraction of this restaurant.

With the views of rice fields and green plants that refresh the eye, those will add to your enjoyment when dining at Warung D’Sawah. How about the menu? While there is a tasty Western menu available, we recommend you to try authentic Balinese traditional dishes.

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  1. Dining like a pirates

In Nusa Dua, you may wish to be a pirate hunting treasure while dining at The Pirates Bay. Don’t forget to enjoy the cool sea air while hanging out on any spot: a replica of a pirate ship stranded in sand, tree houses, sea-viewing towers, pirate-style kitchens.

The location of The Pirates Bay is situated on the sandstone setting with a little reminiscent of the adventures of Robinson Crusoe or Jack Sparrow. It also complete with beach houses with weeds, bonfires and wooden fences.

For the menu, The Pirates Bay serves typical European flavor, Indonesian, and also seafood. Especially for children, they also provide a special menu of fish and chips or nuggets and satay.

Those are the ten experiences of dining in Bali you must try. Before having dining, make sure to know Dining Etiquette in Indonesia. Try some of Famous Local Foods in Bali that listed in menu is a mandatory. Tasting Traditional Foods in Ubud Bali also could be another option. Hopefully, your holiday in Bali will be full with joy and happiness.