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10 Most Expensive Universities in Indonesia (1# is Surprising)

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University is place where we learn education for our bright future. However, choose university for continuing education is not easy. Sometimes we face several options like choose education major which costs up to hundreds of million.


In addition of medical universities, several other universities in Indonesia also famous for the high cost of its education in college. The universities known to be very expensive because its balance with what they provide to students. The high quality of education as well as facilities are main reason why the costs is so expensive.

There are some assessments concern the selection of the universities as the most expensive universities in Indonesia:

  1. The total costs for eight to ten of terms.
  2. Only Bachelor degrees program.
  3. Excludes medical faculty or university.
  4. Excludes the costs of voluntary.
  5. Pure only costs of education.
  6. Ranges from minimal to maximal.

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1.President University

most expensive university, indonesia, collegesPresiden university recognized as the most expensive university in Indonesia. They adapt an international style of university. In 2001, This is only technical high school in Cikarang, west Java. Its owned by Jababeka Industry. Then, the growth of development makes it into university in 2004.

Meanwhile, the concept of by university belongs to Darmono, President Director of Jababeka and Professor Donald Watts as President of Bond University in Queensland. Therefore, the quality of students mostly not in doubt.

To achieve a bachelor degree, approximately need 250 million rupiahs of all term and 25 million rupiahs for one term. Then, the cost of bachelor degree education in package for only 3,5 years reach 100 millions. On the other hand, for students live in dormitory must add value up to 950 thousands rupiahs for one month.

However, it is considered with what students earned. The students get an International curriculum, foreign lecturers which graduated from top class foreign universities, English-speaking environment, and various other facilities. It includes swimming pools, tennis courts, and golf-diving range.

Types of CostRupiahs
Average of education costs25.000.000,- / term
Total of all education costs 250.000.000,-

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2.Swiss German University

most expensive university, indonesia, collegesSwiss German University (SGU) as well as the most expensive university. Its located in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD), Tangerang, Banten city. This university precisely in the beautiful and quiet complex . So it gives comfortable nuances around there.

Hoewever, their education costs reach high range. Its ranging from 24 million rupiahs to 28 million rupiahs for one term. To finish bachelor degree, you must spend at least 247 million rupiahs. The lecturers are mostly from foreign faculties.

Meanwhile, Swiss German University provide a high-class facility. Every students must attend training and apprenticeship at least twice. Both are in Indonesia and abroad. The internship abroad able to give education about cross culture and human character in different countries.

Types of CostRupiahs
Average of education costs28.000.000,- / term
Total of all education costs 247.000.000,-

3.Pelita Harapan University

most expensive university, indonesia, collegesOne of private university which established in September 1994. Its located in the area of Karawaci, Tangerang, Banten city. The university has an international curriculum in their education.

Pelita Harapan set the education costs between nine million rupiahs to 15 million rupiahs in one term. So, at least 150 million rupiahs to spend and get bachelor degree. However, Pelita Harapan provides top qualities between education and facilities for all students.

Facilities are main focus of this university. It provides various facilities such as food junction square, NBA Basketball hall, Swimming pool, Sport Center, even Department store.

Types of CostRupiahs
Average of education costs15.000.000,- / term
Total of all education costs 150.000.000,-

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4.London School of Public Relations

most expensive university, indonesia, collegesNational private of Communication majors. It established on July 1992. LSPR is commonly used for call this university. LSPR has four concentration. There are Public Relations, Marketing, Digital media & advertising, International relations and Performing Arts of Communication, and Mass Communication.

For one term, you must at least spend up to 13 million to 25 million rupiahs. So, in total you spend 140 million rupiahs for Bachelor degrees. Moreover, each faculty has their term of organization which costs up to 500 thousands to one million rupiahs. All of them are excluded from student’s private need.

However, LSPR has a great education as well as facilities. The lectures often from abroad who graduated in great university. As well as the curriculum of best communication in order to be a native public speaker.

LSPR provides international curriculum, music from speaker in every corridor, European style of furniture. It also has Broadcast modern studio, Radio, Auditorium, Canteens, Bathroom, library, free internet, and dispenser for students who want to free drink.

Types of CostRupiahs
Average of education costs13.000.000,- / term
Total of all education costs 140.000.000,-

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5.Ciputra University

most expensive university, indonesia, collegesThe university established in 2006 by Ciputra, one of leaders in the field of architecture and properties. They has a motto to produce a great students of entrepreneur field.

However, the costs of education in this university relatively high. It reaches between nine million rupiahs to 16 million rupiahs for one term.

On the other hand, the quality of the University of Ciputra is very qualified. It refers to support students in order to keep their performance in education learning. It provides an apartment for those who needs dormitory, and also Ciputra water park.

They provide a high competence of lecturers, as well as valuable in business experience. Meanwhile, for some faculty, also bring practitioners directly from abroad. Ciputra University is cooperating with various universities abroad.

Types of CostRupiahs
Average of education costs12.000.000,- / term
Total of all education costs 130.000.000,-

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6.Trisakti University

most expensive university, indonesia, collegesTrisakti University also known as Reformation University established in 1965. It located in Grogol, west Jakarta. Trisakti is a favorite university among students. Then, they have their own qualification for students and graduates.

However, for get bachelor degree in Trisakti, you must spend at least nine million rupiahs to 12 million rupiahs in one term. They provide 45 rooms for classroom with a capacity of each room between 40 to 50 people. Then, there are laboratories use for the learning process. Such as research, testing, and practice.


Types of CostRupiahs
Average of education costs11.000.000,- / term
Total of all education costs 120.000.000,-

7.Tarumanegara University

most expensive university, indonesia, collegesIt established in 1959. Located in Grogol, west Jakarta. Tarumanegara is near Trisakti which also owned by Ciputra under Tarumanegara Foundation. The atmosphere of the university is much neater and luxurious when compared Trisakti.

Tarumanegara is equally quite expensive. For one term, you must spend at least seven to 10 million rupiahs. Indeed, you can spend 65 to 120 million rupiahs for finish bachelor degrees. However, Tarumanegara provides air conditioned rooms, Library, English Language Center, various Library such as English, Computer, Statistics, Taxation. As well as quality of lecturers.

Types of CostRupiahs
Average of education costs10.000.000,- / term
Total of all education costs 120.000.000,-

8.Telkom Technology Institute

Ruang berAC Dosen pengajar berkualitas, bergelar S2 Perpustakaan Pusat Sumber Belajar Lab. Bahasa Inggris Lab. Komputasi Lab. Aplikasi Komputer Lab. Komputer Akuntansi Lab. Statistika Lab. PerpajakanPrivate University owned by Telekomunikasi Indonesia. The first institution with specialized program. They focus on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) fields.

They intended and focus to prepare experts in ICT with insightful business for demands the development of ICT industry which growing rapidly nowadays. Therefore, they can compete with other experts in foreign countries.

Meanwhile, for become an expert in ICT industry through Telkom Institute, at least 9 million to 18 million rupiahs are needed. They have 3 three majors such as Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, and Design Visual Communication. Then, they make every effort to facilitate the students in accordance the standard of requirements.

There are facilities such as Computer, Ergonomics, and Manufacture Laboratories. Then, Courtroom,
Library, Pray room and also free internet access.

Types of CostRupiahs
Average of education costs9.000.000,- / term
Total of all education costs 110.000.000,-

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9.Bina Nusantara University

Most expensive university, Indonesia, CollegesBina Nusantara Univesity established since 1980. It popular with BINUS. Binus recognized as the eight best university in Indonesia according to the Webometrics in 2010. BINUS known for their abilities in Information and technology field in Indonesia.

On the other hand, the size of educational costs is equally expensive. At least up to six to nine million rupiahs for one term.

However, Binus also provide high qualities of facilities for their students. So, They produce reliable graduates in information and technology aspects to growth on behalf of Indonesia development. Most of BINUS graduates work in professional ICT industries.

There are up to 95 classrooms with LCD Projector and room air conditioners. As well as computer and internet access in every room. Then, 30 kiosks of infomation for student to access information, 30 space of laboratories include language, computer, and library.  Other facilities such as Hall for 250 people and the auditorium with a capacity of 600 people. Moreover, there are Hall of Fame to showcase the achievements by students.

Types of CostRupiahs
Average of education costs8.000.000,- / term
Total of all education costs 105.000.000,-

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10.Atma Jaya University

Most expensive university, Indonesia, CollegesThe Catholicism University established since 1960. Most favorite program for student is Psychology major. They oriented in academic excellence and to create professional graduates. They keep four things as main role, namely the Christian, Superior, Professional, and Caring. Moreover, Atma Jaya becomes one of favorite in matters of interest by mostly students in Indonesia.

For one term, the student spends at least 3 million to 10 million rupiahs. However, they get free access internet, canteen facilities in every faculty, library, book shop, and other facilities. Most of them are needed and help student to learn education.Therefore, students can feel comfortable when they learn in Atmajaya Catholicism University.

Types of CostRupiahs
Average of education costs6.000.000,- / term
Total of all education costs 100.000.000,-

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Indeed, there are reason for the category of the most expensive education costs of universities. It based on the contribution of money that must be spent by the students in each term. However, according to the facilities, it must be balanced for what student get from university in order to support their education to reach their future.

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