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25 True Facts of Indonesian Palm Oil

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Beside having different culture and arts, Indoenesia also known for having a lot of natural resources. So many things can be found in here, including spices. The spices were always being hunted by the Portuguese and Deustch, that’s why they came in here to take them and also taking the freedon of Indonesia in the old days.


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The soiln Indonesia is very soil, and suitable for planting so many seeds. In the Colonial Era, they used to make the people of Indonesia planting some stuff like coffee and also spices in every land of Indonesia country. Icluding  the plantations, is the Palm tree, which can produce palm poil. The oil itself is also the main reason why Indonesian economic increasing. And now we want to talk about this, the facts of Indonesian palm oil. There are 30 infos of them, so let’s see the first one now.

1. Palm Oil

First thing first, before knowing about the production of the Palm Oil, it’s better to know first about what is the Palm Oil itself. For you who don’t know, Palm Oil is the kind of natural vegetable oil that produced from palm trees with the name of Elaeis Guineensis.

Naturally, the palm oil has this red colour because of its compositions. It’s different from the other oil like Palm Kelem Oil, which is prodoced from the same tree, and the other oil called coconut oil that produced from coconut tree.

2. Palm Oil Production in Indonesia

In Indonesia, the palm oil production started at the year of 1964, when Indonesia can produce for about 157 thousand tons. Indonesia increased the production year by year, and in 2004, it was recorded that Indonesia production was 33,5 million tons. Amazing number.

The palm oil itself took a park of Indonesian export by providing 11% of total export with the value for about 5,7 billion dollar. As the biggest producer of palm oil, Indonesia has a goal to increase the production up to 40 million tons in 2020.

3. Production in Sumatra

Like we all known, there two islands in Indonesia , Sumatra and Borneo, is like the most green islands in the country, and also having a lot of natural sources. There are a lot of them that can be found within those two areas.

Because of that, the government started to exploit the area to be the palm oil producer for a very long time. As the result shows a great potential, the production of palm oil in Sumatra keep increasing. Now, Sumatra island provides 70% of palm garden in Indonesia.

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4. Production in Borneo

Meanwhile, the production of Palm oil in the land of Borneo is also very much potential. Because of that, there was this open land policy to make the palm garden wider. As a result, Borneo can produce for about 30% of total pam oil production in Indonesia.

With both islands “activated”, the supply of the palm oil in Indonesia keeps increasing. Because Indoenesia is the greatest exporter of it, it can have so much economic profit for the development of the country.

5. Effects of Palm Oil production

The effect of palm oil production in Indonesia divided into two effects, positive and negative. For the positive one, the people can have much supply of pam oil taht they can use in everyday life like cooking and other house hold production.

But, the bad effect of it is more worse. Because of the garden is limited in wide, they need to make it wider by cutting down and clear the forest. Making animals ran away from their own habitats. And this can be potential of the animals extinction.

6. Dominating Countries

There are two countries on the top rank that can produce palm oil at a very lagre number. First of course, the Indonesia. Indonesia can produced for about 36 million tons in year 2016. And the next country is the neighbor, Malaysia.

Based on the data in 2016, Malaysia can produce for about 21 million tons of palm oil. Both countries can produce 85 to 90% from total world production of palm oil. Under the two  countries, there are Thailand, Colombia, and Nigeria.

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7. People in the world need Palm Oil

Well, the people in this world really need the Palm Oil, because they can use it for so many stuff. The basic use of the palm oil is for cooking. Beside cooking, this Palm Oil can be processed into some stuff that people can and want.

For example. The pam oil can be used as an additional ingredient for chocolate, bubble gum, soap, and biodiesel. Also in Asia, the pam oil is usually for the production of instal noodles and base ingredient for cooking oil.

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8. Production expectation of Palm Oil production

Because of the high production of Palm Oil, Indonesia is always being confident to be the best country that can produce sufficient supply of the palm oil that the world needs. And becasue of that, Indonesia keep developing it.

Beside having more and more development, Indonesia also estimate that the number of pam oil produced in the year of 2020 can reach for about 40 million tons of it. With it, hopefully the economical level of Indonesia can be increased as well.

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9. Development in Indonesia

Indonesia has the policy for exporting the palm oil. The policy called Hilirisasi in Bahasa, which means like Downstream in English. With the application of that policity, the volume of the palm oil increased within years.

The concept of downstream  policy can repair the compisition of palm oil export in Indonesia from the raw palm oil to the developed palm oil. With that, the export increases. The export can give Indonesia a lot of devisa for the country’s improvement.

10. Saturated Fat

The palm oil has moderate level of saturated fat, which considered by the people as a bad thing that can block the blood stream  and give extra calories. Well, the things is, the saturated fat inside the palm oil is actually good, with the form of lauric acid.

The acid can give some benefits to the body. First, the main thing to notice is we can get the energy source from it. With the fast movement of acid chain, it can give you the fast processed energy that can easily be absorbed by the body. With that, it can help you lower your body weight.

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11. Increasing Colesterol

Consuming this type of oil is of course can increase your colesterol level, because the oil has the good and bad type of colesterol. But don’t worry, the level of bad colesterol will be reduced becasue of the existence of the lauric acid.

12. Safe for frying

This type of of oil is actually save for frying. It will not give you much smoke withitin a shirt time, and the result will be much better than having your own usual cooking oil. As an alternative, you can also use the coconut oil that has almost the same composition as this palm oil.

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The twelve information is still not enough? Don’ worry, we also prepare some stuff, some facts about Indonesian palm oil on the list below. There are 13 facts available for you, check the complete of them below :

  1. Not every palm is virgin
  2. Indonesia is the highest exporter
  3. Moms love it
  4. Indonesia can produce estimatedly 40 tons of palm oil in 2020
  5. There are about 11,9 hectares area in Indonesia now
  6. It’s three times of wide in 2000
  7. BUMN has smaller influence in the production
  8. The other big private corporations have more bigger influence
  9. Local farmer produce 40% of total production
  10. Any other big private owner from Indonesia also investing
  11. There’s tax policy about this palm oil production
  12. In 2011, Indonesia built ISPO, Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil
  13. Conflict between locals and corporation is one thing that can prevent the palm oil development

So, what do you think about it? Are the facts of Indonesian palm oil good for you? At least they can add information widely about Palm Oil that you haven’t known yet before. The Palm oil is really useful thing in our life.

It can be used for everyday needs, and also being the top exported product of Indonesia that can increase the economy of the country in general. But, the development of the palm garden usually make the natural habitat erased. So, with the existence of Palm Oil production on the country, it gives positive and negative aspects in the same time.

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