The Brief History of Indonesian Fried Rice

Fried rice is one of the foods that can not be separated from the culinary habits of Indonesian society. Culinary this one is really idolized and already famous to all corners of the country and even the world. On various occasions, fried rice is always a suitable food to serve.

It is also a food of rice that stirred in cooking oil or margarine, usually plus sweet soy sauce, onion, garlic, tamarind, pepper and other spices, such as eggs, chicken, and crackers. There are also other types of fried rice made with salted fish that is also popular throughout Indonesia.

In journey of the history, fried rice was also present not only in Indonesia. With a slightly different look and variants are varied, fried rice is always present in the middle of the public. Many countries recognize processed fried rice. But the blend of Indonesian fried rice has its own flavor and taste. Fried rice is known as the way of yesterday’s rice utilization. Fried rice is also known as Indonesian national cuisine. Fried rice is also in the order of two after Rendang into the world’s most delicious food position (World’s 50 Most delicious Foods) version of UNESCO poll.

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  • Has been made sinc 4000 BC ago

Fried rice has become part of the long history of the culinary culture of the archipelago. Its popularity makes fried rice as synonymous with Indonesia. So it’s not unusual for many of us to think fried rice is the legacy of our ancestors. In fact, if we trace the history of fried rice, then we must walk back to the year 4000 BC.

The fried rice is said to have been born from the customs of the traditional Chinese community who do not like to dispose of leftover food. They will re-process the food so deliciously consumed. In addition, they are also known by the habit of eating warm food. This is the reason behind the idea of heating rice along with a number of spices. This is later on we are familiar with the name of fried rice.

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  • Chinese has known fried rice earlier

The Chinese people were already familiar with rice. The creation of fried rice comes from the tendency of Chinese people who love to throw away the remaining rice. To outsmart not to waste, they choose to fry the remaining rice. In order to remain delicious, the remaining rice fried again and added spices, as well as stuffing like vegetables and chicken. Be fried rice.

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  • The different taste of fried rice in the different country

The history of fried rice is known throughout the world, especially throughout Asia is also not separated from the character of Chinese people who love to trade and settle in various regions. Then slowly, there was acculturation of culture in a new place where the Chinese people settled.

Acculturation is then influenced the uniqueness of how to cook different fried rice in each region. Thus, do not be surprised if Japanese fried rice has a different taste with hongkong fried rice. The fried rice in Indonesia, if tasted, has a flavor with Thai fried rice. Nevertheless, there remains a striking difference between the two.

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  • Fried Rice in some other countries

Fried rice actually comes from some traits in Chinese culture that do not like cold food and also throw away food. So, the cold rice is then fried to be served first. Fried rice is also known as a typical dish in Malaysia. There are various recipes of fried rice that has evolved like fried rice village, fried rice USA, fried rice belacan, fried rice masin, fried rice pattaya dll.Walaupun there are various types of fried rice, but the main elements remain the same ie rice, oil mass, gas barrels, kitchen, cauldron and sendup.

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  • How fried rice come to Indonesia?

In the 10th century, Chinese people began to enter Indonesia. Then they are scattered in various islands. In the place they live, made fried rice. But different, fried rice is tailored to the material contained in the place. Hence there is seafood fried rice for people beach area and vegetable fried rice for mountain communities.

After the immigrants come to the Indonesian territory for their intentions of trading, they brought the culture of fried rice to this area. Then it came the new fried rice with a different taste from the original. This happens because of the differences in the spices used. The history of Fried Rice itself comes from Chinese / Chinese Chinese culture, which is not like cold food and does not like to throw away the remaining food. Next the cold rice is left in the fry to make it warm and can be eaten again.

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  • Fried rice became more popular in Indonesia

Talking about the history of fried rice in Indonesia, there is a story that also developed and dbanyak trusted by people. Reportedly, the first Dutch women who live in Indonesia like to find other variants in eating rice. Then they experimented with various spices that are easily found in the archipelago.

As a result, they managed to create a new food that we now know by the name of fried rice. Although this story is a bit weird, but still widely believed that Indonesia fried rice is one version of the early history of fried rice found. Finally, whatever and however the story of the birth of fried rice, this one food must have been one of the culinary prides of Indonesia.

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  • The new innovations of fried rice in Indonesia

Indonesia has many variations of fried rice flavor, depending on the seasoning and mixture. Here are some fried rice is quite famous and certainly has a very good taste.

  1. Nasi Goreng Babat Semarang: This fried rice has a brown color, can be mixed with eggs, chicken, ati, banana, etc. depending on our taste.
  2. Nasi Goreng Jawa: This fried rice is mixed with spice sambal ulek.
  3. Nasi Goreng Surabaya: this fried rice has a brownish red color, can also be mixed with chicken or egg.
  4. Nasi Goreng Kambing: from its name it is clear that this fried rice has a mixture of goat meat, it makes it smell distinctive.

Those are the long history of fried rice. It should be a pride for Indonesians that our fried rice is included the top 50 delicious foods in the world. Hopefully, there will be more foods of Indonesia that would enter the list.

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