All 20 Unique Facts About Sumatra Island

Aside from telling you about the other facts about the city of Jakarta, the mother land and capital city of Indonesia, we also want to tell you about the other facts that hidden in some areas in Indonesia. After going the the Java island, let’s switch to the other island located on the west side of Indonesia, the Sumatera island.

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Well, just like Jakarta, the island itself have stories to tell you. Much and much more stories to be honest. And if in the previous article we told you the half hundred of them, now we want to go more slowly by telling you the top 25 facts about the Sumatera island. So let’s see the full information below :

1. The name Sumatera came from the word Samudra, which means ocean

The name of Sumatera doesn’t come so suddenly. There was this merchant from the country of Maroko, the pronounce the name of the ocean, which means Samudra in Bahasa Indonesia so hradly. Then he used onother alternative like Samatrah, Sumatera, and then Sumatera, and write it on the maps. From the maps, all the people from aboard know this place as Sumatera island, rather than its original name, Suwarnadwipa, which means the Golden Island.

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2. The Coffee Saring

In Sumatera island, there is one special caffee called Kopi Saring or strained coffee. What is this coffee about? Strain? Yes, it’s called the strained coffee because the barista will always use this kind of filter to make the coffee more clean from its grounds.

The barista really need some time to make it, because they strain it multiple time to make the coffee better. The making itself is pretty unique, because of the filtering process. Barista will take the filter up high, and the water jus flowing like waterfall to the big cup.

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3. In this island, there are so many coffee stalls

If you going to Sumatera island,make sure you also check out the Aceh province that is called as the province with thousand coffee shops. Well, it’s true. That’s why if you’re a coffee lover, make sure to spend some time to visit it, because each shop offers their own unique taste of coffee, even with the same kind of coffee.

4. Rencong

The unique weapon of Sumatera island is Rencong, which is used in some famous movies like Merantau, and The Raid. The weapon itself is dedicaed towards the God Almighty. It’s even said that the maker of this original Rencong spend some times to fasting and then praying to Allah. The rencong also decorated with beautiful calligraphy and basmallah words.

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5. The Rumah Gadang

Beside its traditional weapon, Sumatera is also has the tradional house called Rumah Gadang. In this Rumah Gadan, the exterior looks so amazing and totally different from the other traditional houses in Indonesia.

6. The “Merantau” Tradition

This traditioan is actually come from the Minang tribe, but then used by all people of Indonesia. Merantau means going somewhere better to seek for better fortune. It’s pretty heart breaking of course, to be separated with family. But with this tradition, you can go out of your environemtn box, to look or better things in this world. And after getting them, the time to go home is always so precious.

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7. Rendang

Of course we can’t miss this food. Now, the food is not only can be found in Sumatera, but also in every area of Indonesia, thanks to those Rumah Makan Padang. The taste of Rendang is always so good and also included as the top recommended foods that you should try when visiting Indonesia.

8. The tradition of Martarombo

This is actually the friendship tradition in Batak Tribe. During some meetings they always ask teh other Batak tribe people about how are their conditions, and else. The Maratombo itself is considered as pretty good habit that needed to be maintain for the future.

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9. The event of Mandok Hata

Before the new year night, Batak people will always gathering around and talking to each other in a big family. Well, in this event, the warm feeling is can be felt in all around the spot. And they also discussing some things for the future, like marriage, the family business, and others.

10. It’s prohibited to marry a person with the same “marga” or clan

The marga or clan is very important to be noted, because if you’re a batak people, then you can’t marry the person with the same clan with you. Of course all Batak people have been told about this, that’s why when meeting the new batak person, they usually ask the name of the clan first.

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11. The legend of Kerinci Mountain

Mthe Mount Kerinci hold several mysterous things inside. If we studying the myth first, there was this legend of Calupat and Calungga, where one of them becoming a dragon. There’s also one myth in hre, which is the existence of small people. These mall people are some what hidden in there, and still becoming a mystery until now.

12. Once called the golden island

Like you can see in the first fact, the Sumatera island was called as the golden island, because it had its high economical value based on the existence trading posts and also markets that people around the world know then.

13. The endemic Rafflesia Arnoldi

You know this flower? This rafflesia Arnoldi is maybe the biggest flower in this world, and having its “unique” smell. The biggest size of Rafflesia was found in the area of Bengkulu, Sumatera island.

14. Being the sixth biggest island in the world

Because of the size of the island, Sumatera gains a popularity as the 6th biggest island in the world. Even bigger than several countries around Indonesia like Singapore or Malaysia. But, aside from the big area, Sumatera also having a high risk of big tsunami and tectonic quake because of its location.

15. There are approximately 10 provinces in Sumatera island

The big size of Sumatera island can contain for about 10 provinces of Indonesia. That considered amazing because Indonesia has 34 provinces, and 10 of them are in Sumatera island only. Even Java island only have three of them.

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Of course, to complete the list of the wonderful facts about Sumatera island, we should prepare something to offer to you. And this is it, another small list consisting the other 10 facts that need to be told to you, the beloved readers. So here are five of them to be exact, and enjoy reading them!

  1. The population inside the island is more than the people of Canada
  2. Having the biggest elephant hospital in South East Asia
  3. Having the border with another country, Singapore
  4. There’s monument of Fotocopy in here
  5. Having three nick names

The 25th fact covering our meeting for today to discuss about the Sumatera island facts. We hope that by learning the facts of this island, you can increase your knowlede about the richness of Indonesia country. And maybe someday, you can uncover some other hidden facts that Sumatera island have all this time.