14 Type Of Vegetation Is In Indonesia

Understanding of vegetation is very close in the world of forestry, namely various types of plants or plants that occupy an ecosystem. Vegetation is defined as a form of life-related to plants or plants. The term vegetation in ecology is a term used to refer to plant communities that live in an ecosystem. Vegetation can […]

10 Province with the Worst Deforestation in Indonesia

The forest in Indonesia is the world’s lung because Indonesia occupies the top ten as the largest forest owner in the world. Unfortunately, the world’s lung predicate is now reversed into a world poison because some cases of deforestation and forest fires cause natural balance disturbed. Forest and land fires in some areas of Indonesia […]

Disastrous Effects of Illegal Logging in Indonesia

We are blessed with so many things nature gave to us. Even though up to this day we still can see how beautiful she is, how great are thos forests and how magnificent the environment is, we as human still can not be grateful enough for what we’ve received. It’s proven by how those people […]

 7 Famous Natural Landmarks in Indonesia You Shouldn’t Miss

 Natural Landmarks is a natural conservation area that has been established by the government and certainly has an original ecosystem. The protected flora and fauna in the national park are typical Indonesian flora and fauna whose existence is threatened with extinction. Natural Landmarks are very protected and cared for by the government, so that their […]

13 Type of Forest in Indonesia as the Lungs of the Earth

Forest is an area that is overgrown with trees and other plants. Such areas exist in large regions of the world and serve as carbon dioxide sinks, animal habitats, hydrological current modulators, soil conservationists, and are one of the most important aspects of the Earth’s biosphere. Indonesian forests rank third as the largest forest in […]

13 Reasons For Deforestation in Indonesia

Deforestation is a permanent change from forested areas to non-forested. Deforestation in two, gross deforestation is a permanent change in natural forest cover without taking into account the growth. And the second is Deforestation Nett, that is permanent change of forest cover, taking into account the growth again. While the definition of forest area is […]

13 Surprising Facts about Indonesian Forest

Indonesia is an archipelagic country which is rich with the biodiversity at the forest. Long time a go, more than a half of the land in Indonesia is full with the green beautiful forest. However, time by time Indonesia changes. It massively build some city and turn the forest into industrial factory that will harm […]

17 Bornean Bay Cat Facts – Habitat – Characteristics

Bornean Bay Cats are also called Borneo Cats. In English, it is known as Borneo Bay Cat, in Malaysia the animals that also inhabit Sarawak and Sabah are known as Red Cats. While in Latin it’s referred to as Pardofelis Badia, which is synonymous with Catopuma Badia and Felis Badia. This cat is one of […]

17 Native Animals in Indonesia – Characteristics

Indonesia uniqueness is not only found in the natural wealth and beautiful panorama. In this beloved country, you can find dozens of endemic animals that will not be found in other parts of the world. The reason for this is that Indonesia is a country with the high animal population. It is estimated that there […]

5 Natural Resources of Indonesia – Types

Indonesia is an archipelago country, one of the largest country in the world by population. Located in tropical line, Indonesia posses so many natural resources, be it biotic or abiotic elements. You probably have heard it back in high school. Biotic elements means resources that are alive such as plants and animals. Abiotic resources means […]