14 Facts about Indonesia Natural Resources

Speaking about Indonesia, of course, there is a lot of uniqueness, diversity, culture, customs, natural wealth, buildings, and so on. As a country rich in resources, it is not surprising that Indonesia’s natural wealth has become the target of many countries, for example, PT. Freeport Indonesia. Read also : Natural Resourses In Bali Indonesia Natural […]

Batik Day in Indonesia

Batik is a fabric that is painted using canting and liquid wax to form of high artistic painting value on mori cloth. The word batik comes from the Javanese word amba and tik. Both words mean writing point. Ambatik refers to the complicated technique of painting points. Batik technique is an ancient technique that has […]

13 Natural Resources in West Java

West Java is one of Indonesia province with Bandung as its capital city. This province is one of the largest province in this country with more than 46,000,000 populations in 2011. It has high rate of population growth, too. Most people by 31% spend their time working in agriculture, forestry and fishery sector, by 22.5% […]

13 Importance of Tourism in Indonesia

Indonesia has opened up its land to tourism. This means that more foreigners are able to enter the country. Tourism is an important industry in Indonesia. There are a lot of opportunities that tourism can give to Indonesians. In this article, you can read the 13 Importance of Tourism in Indonesia. You might end up […]

13 Importance of Batik in Indonesia

Batik is an Indonesian fabric that is full of arts. There is also a beautiful craftsmanship behind the techniques in making it. Batik has become a traditional clothes in Indonesia. Many people would wear it to formal or casual events. Indonesians love Batik and are proud to wear it. Surely, Batik is important to Indonesians. However, […]

5 Unique Types of Batik Techniques

Other than having many complex traditions and cultures, Indonesia is known for its Batik. Batik is a famous fabric that originated from Indonesia. The fabric holds strong value of arts as well as cultural influences. Some regions may also instil their philosophy into making the batik patterns on the fabric. Batik was officiated by the […]

Social Etiquette in Indonesia – Characteristics

According to Ancient Greek, ethics is derived from the word ethikos which means “arising from habit”. Ethics is the main branch of philosophy that studies the value or quality of standards and moral judgments. Ethics includes analysis and application of concepts such as right, wrong, good, bad, and responsibility. Ethics begins when humans reflect on […]

17 Cultural Activities in Lombok Island You Must Know

The Island of Lombok has been famous as a tourist island and has a variety of regional culture that has grown rapidly in the community to attract the island for the foreign visitor to visit. So if the cultural diversity of the area is managed professionally then it will be able to attract local and […]

Top 15 Indonesian Folk Dance [#5 is So Ethnic)

Like we all know, Indonesia is the heaven of cultures. Many unique things can be found here, one of them is the dances. Indonesia has its own customs dances, based on their religion. Every region has their own special dance that different from other areas. Some of them also considered rare to see. See also […]

History of Art in Indonesia – Growth – Development

Indonesia is rich in the variety of cultural arts and many people should be proud of Indonesia, it is right for the nation and society of this country to preserve and maintain the variety of art and culture in Indonesia. Moreover, this makes the ideology of Indonesian art close to aesthetics, and the discussion of […]