Types of Indonesian Rice That You Could Taste

Indonesia is one of some countries that become a sourceful rice exporter, especially in the area of South East Asia. In some areas in this country, you can even see how wide all the rice fields are. They are located in some hectares of the land. And mostly, they are own privately by locals or […]

10 Kinds of Rice in Indonesia

Rice is a staple food for most people in various countries, especially in Asian countries such as China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Vietnam and of course our country is the Republic of Indonesia. Everyone needs Staple foods like rice to meet the energy needs of his body. Therefore, rice is one of the most […]

13 Importance of Rice In Bali Indonesia

As a staple food, rice is not only a food for the people of Indonesia alone but there are some other countries also consume rice as their staple food. One of the people in Bali using rice is not only a staple food, there are some processed foods and beverages that serve as a new […]

10 Incredible Facts of Indonesian Rice field

Rice fields are cultivated land and irrigated for planting rice. For this purpose, the paddy field should be able to support the pool of water because rice requires flooding for a certain period of growth. To irrigate the rice fields are used irrigation systems from springs, rivers or rainwater. The last rice field is known […]

12 Outstanding Facts of Indonesian Rice

Rice is like a “life” for the people of Indonesia. The society of Indonesia most often can not eat without this kind of food. It seems if you are Indonesians then have not eaten rice, you will say you haven’t eaten. The reason why rice becomes the staple food is because Indonesia is an agrarian […]

10 Easy Traditional Rice Growing Methods in Indonesia

Rice is the basic ingredient of rice maker which is the staple food of Indonesian society. Actually, the result of the farm is very sufficient to meet daily needs. Even agriculture is one of the promising businesses. You know that rice in Indonesia is one of the foods that can’t be separated from everyday life. […]

30 Incredible Facts about Rice in Indonesia

You may be wondering, what makes rice so popular in Indonesia? When you visit the country, it’s not uncommon to see rice served in various ways with all kinds of side dishes. It almost seems as if rice is the main star. The truth is that rice has become so ingrained into the Indonesian culture. […]

17 Importance of Rice in Indonesia (#4 is Important!)

Indonesia is one of the largest rice producers in the world. In a past survey, Indonesia is among China and other Asian countries as the greatest rice producers. Indonesia has thousands hectares of paddy field across the land. There are 5 main provinces where rice is most produced: East Java, Central Java, West Java, South […]

Rice Cultivation in Indonesia – Process

The country in East Asia, majority produce and using rice for the daily food and it was already begun since old time, those country are Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and etc. Especially in Indonesia, people consume a lot of rice everyday until the rice commodity cannot balance with rice total that consumed by Indonesian people. In […]