13 Importance of Rice In Bali Indonesia

As a staple food, rice is not only a food for the people of Indonesia alone but there are some other countries also consume rice as their staple food.

One of the people in Bali using rice is not only a staple food, there are some processed foods and beverages that serve as a new menu choice.

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For those of you who do not know what the benefits of rice, would think if the menu is tasty and delicious for consumption ?. Some people in Bali mostly use processed rice as a menu creation are super delicious and delicious. Especially for brown rice, because it is believed to have better nutritional value than white rice.

For those of you who are curious to try any menu made from rice, please visit the island of Bali anytime. Here are some of the importance of rice in Bali that you need to know:

1. Rice As A Staple Food

The staple food of the Balinese people is rice, the rice that is used can be white rice and also brown rice. Rice that has been processed or cooked into rice.

Rice served warm will certainly make the meal much more tasteful, coupled with healthy and natural side dishes. Rice produced from healthy rice certainly determines the health of the body to be healthier and nutritious. Rice to be one of the many plants produced on the island of Bali, so no wonder the population of Bali has a plentiful supply of rice.

2. Rice As Addition Of Body Nutrition

The content of vitamins in rice that is processed into rice has nutritional content and also carbohydrates are good for the growth and health of organs.

Generally, rice that has the best nutritional content that can stimulate the body to regenerate damage and can be nourished from the rice content. For brown rice, the nutritional content is much better than brown rice.

There are some who use brown rice as a dietary intake and also low in sugar. Good to avoid some types of diseases, therefore the importance of choosing rice that is nutritious good for your body health. That’s why the importance of rice in Bali that can be processed into rice with good nutrition.

3. In Bali Famous With The Result Of Rice Fields

If you are on holiday to Bali, stop by to see the beauty of the rice fields are diverse and green. In Bali is known for its sloping terraces on rice planting, this is because of the high hilly areas.

This system has existed for a long time, and become a tourist attraction to see the beautiful scenery of rice fields are green and cool. Many of the rice fields in Bali are using this sloping terraces system, and the abundant crops make Bali the biggest supplier of rice after Java.

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4. Rice Leather Can Be Animal Feed

Who would have thought that the skin of rice can be used as food for livestock, commonly called as Bran? This food is certainly a nutrient for farm animals such as chickens, ducks, birds and many more. Any rice that has been disposed of the skin is directly packed in a sack and ready to be marketed.

As for the skin of rice used as animal feed and sold on the market for livestock in Bali. In addition to animal food, husk rice can be used as other preparations, such as complementary for combustion and also as a cosmetic mixture.

5. Rice Utilized For Cosmetic Blends

There are several cosmetic products that utilize rice to be one of the mixed ingredients for the product. The content of vitamins and nutrients in rice is very useful to beautify the skin of the body and face.

Therefore, rice becomes a trend for beauty products that have been marketed throughout Indonesia and even the world. Processed rice products can also be trusted to produce a smooth, bright and radiant skin. It is one of the most important of rice in Bali. In Bali have many similar products from rice ranging from scrubs, lotions to facial masks.

6. Red Rice Tea From Bali

There is one village in Bali called Jatiluwih, wherein this place is famous for a delicious taste of red rice tea. For those of you who want to try, it can feel the sensation of tea. This tea is made from brown rice Jatiluwih which has a different texture from other regular teas.

As is known, the tea we often enjoy is made from tea leaves. Jatiluwih tea is different, where the basic ingredients are made from organic red rice that thrives on the hillsides of Mount Batukaru, Jatilurih, District Penebel. Jatiluwih red rice tea has a sweet taste like enjoying boiled rice water.

When it is served, will smell the natural fragrant aroma of steam that issued of brown rice just cooked. This tea will feel more delicious when drunk in the middle of rice fields Jatiluwih.

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7. Rice is Used as a Weight Loss or Diet

One of the importance of rice in Bali is to lose weight. Many people who already feel the power of red rice to lose weight. In addition to the low content of calories in brown rice will be very effective to help you prevent pot belly or excess calories. How does brown rice do it ?

The complex carbohydrate content of brown rice will supply energy periodically on the body so the stomach does not feel hungry fast. If consumed is also added to the benefits of apples on the menu, the diet will produce a beautiful and very effective body shape.

8. Good Rice For Digestion

The high fiber content in brown rice is also a healthy digestion so avoid the health problems that can arise in the future. So from now on consume natural foods to maintain long-term health.

These fibers are excellent for the intestines and help smooth the body’s metabolism. So that your body will smoothly throw away the food that can certainly poison the body if too long in the body.

9. Rice as a Serving In Religious Rituals in Bali

Generally, religious ceremonies in Bali presents a variety of unique and diverse serving. Starting from fruits, vegetables, grains and processed foods. Proven with the dish given in the form of food such as processed from rice, as a proof of respect for God and ancestral pera.

It has become a tradition and culture from generation to generation to this day. Therefore, if you are on holiday to Bali and see so many offerings at religious ceremonies, then it is a must and a unique sight. This is the importance of rice in Bali.

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10. Rice Can Prevent Cancer

One of the importance of rice in Bali is to prevent cancer and occur in brown rice. Selenium and polyphenols contained in brown rice are believed to prevent colon cancer.

In addition, high fiber and antioxidant content can certainly help the body avoid various types of cancer caused by free radicals. Benefits of brown rice are good enough for health, especially for those of you who want to lose weight, diabetes, and maintain heart health.


Apart from the above explanation, here are some examples of the importance of rice in Bali that is more useful:

  • One of the importance of rice in Bali is to prevent gallstones. In various studies, high-fiber foods are strongly associated with the prevention of gallstones. Fiber is very easy to digest so it helps in decomposing food scraps to help shape healthy bile.
  • Source of antioxidants. Brown rice is an excellent source of antioxidants, the various vitamins and minerals contained in it can help remove free radicals in the body.
  • Maintain bone health. Magnesium is a substance other than vitamin D and calcium that plays an important role in maintaining healthy bones and teeth.
  • The nutritional content of magnesium is also found in brown rice so that it can help the health of bones and teeth.

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A few explanations about the 13 importance of rice in Bali, may be useful and to meet again.