10 Top Elite International Schools in Indonesia

As parents, you should choose the best school for your children. Many missperceptions regarding which one is better, between international or national schools. Generally they assume that international schools are more advanced. International schools are schools that prioritize global-based education, with an international curriculum that is different from the curriculum of the country where the […]

Top 10 Best Islamic Boarding School in Indonesia

Islamic boarding schools are a traditional education where students live together and study under the guidance of a teacher better known as kiai and have a dormitory for students to stay in. Islamic Boarding Schools are two terms that show one understanding. The Islamic boarding school according to its basic understanding is the place of […]

16 Type of School in Indonesia You Must Know

Education in Indonesia may not be as good as education in developed countries. However, in some points, Indonesia has first implemented a good education system for students. In terms of facilities and methods applied, Indonesia still needs improvement. However, in terms of availability of types of education, Indonesians have many options. Here are several types […]

13 Fashion Schools in Indonesia

It takes a lot of skills for a person to dive into the fashion industry. The competition is tough but the result is rewarding. More and more Indonesians are interested in the fashion world. One of the best ways to jump into it is to learn from schools with experienced instructors. These are the 13 […]

Education Growth in Indonesia – History

Indonesian education system is rumored to have not been able to satisfy all parties. There are still shortcomings there and here. Various issues related to Indonesian education continue to emerge. The quality of teachers, school eligibility, up to the assessment system was still being reviewed by the government. However, when viewed from the history of Indonesian […]

13 Interesting Facts of Indonesian Schools

In general, schools in Indonesia are divided into several levels. For the level of introduction of school named kindergarten. As for the basic level Named Primary School or called SD. Then, for middle school there are junior high school (SMP) and Senior high school (SMA or SMK). In Indonesia, school is not only a place […]

Education Curicculum in Indonesia

In Indonesia since the era of independence until now the millennium era has experienced several changes in the curriculum of education, both primary schools up to high school. Of course, this has an impact, both positively and negatively. Every turn of the minister even the President requires the curriculum system to change. Sometimes this is also due […]

25 Facts About Bullying in Indonesia

It’s clear indeed,  to see the bullying level that occurred lately, Indonesia itself into the level of no. 2 cases of bullying, largest after Vietnam and Cambodia. Of course very heartbreaking is not it?. Many facts that have occurred from the school, home environment up to street children. All experienced cases of violence among people, […]

School Life in Indonesia – Characteristics – Habits

Attending primary school until high school is a must for most children all over the world. Children attend school to gain knowledge and education that they need throughout their lives. They learn about the world around them as well as increasing their skills that could help them advance to higher level of education. Each country […]

Top 10 Culinary School in Indonesia – Most Popular

This article will focus on 10 Culinary Schools in Indonesia. There are many of them spread out all over the country. For the love of food, many people always strive to increase their cooking or baking skills. Others dream of becoming a chef and owning their own restaurants, bakeries and even little cafés. This article will mention […]