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17 Importance of Rare Animals to Indonesia

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As we know already, we live side by side with the animals. Sometimes, we can have them as a pet, you know like dogs, cats, parrots, or some other things that are pettable. They are not rare animals, that’s why we can keep them in our home.


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But what about the rare ones. The rare animals are catching the attentions of all the people around the world. Someone even asking, “what’s so important about protecting them? They are dying because of the nature, that’s what they got naturally”. Is that true? Or it isn’t. Let’s find out what’s the importance of rare animals to Indonesia. Starting by how humans behave toward them by doing these acts:

1. Making more and more campaigns

The first importance of rare animals in Indonesia is to making the people working all together to build a campaign to protect them. As you can see now, there are some communities who always shouting about protecting animals and caring about them.

Looking at them, we can realize that the bond between every creature in this world is beautiful. Even though the rare animals don’t give anything back for the people, yet they still so care about them. And now, the number of animal campaign is still growing.

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2. Uniting the people of the world

The rare status of an animal in Indonesia, and even the world can also uniting people in order to make them more protected. If one animal lover meet anothers, they can even make a community about that specific animal and doing some campaigns in order to realize their project.

Not only for the animal lovers, all peoplw who would give some help can also join in to protect the rare animals, can giving what they want to give in the form of wealth or work at the conservations. With the smallest help, they can save so many rare animals.

3. Preventing them from extinction

The important thing about the existence of the rare animals is to be a reminder that they should be protected before going into the status of extinction. We can not imagine what could be worse if they are all extinct, lefting us alone in this world.

It’ also can be a sad fact that the rare animals only reflected via the information on the media, and cannot be seen directly anymore. Our kids, our grand kids can’t see the beauty of the rare animals anymore, they can only grasp some of them via the given information only.

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4. Making the humans more care about them

With seeing how sad their life is, how they are really struggling to be alive, it can make us as good humans more sad, and then start caring about them. Of course, by seeing any creature feels sad or hurt, the sympathy inside our body will spread out.

By giving the real form of sympathy like giving the donations or just be seeing the life of them inside the zoo or consrvations, we can be more care for them. Why? Becase you can finally realize the importance of them for your life.

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5. Save them for the future

As said on the paragraphs above, one of the reason why we should protect the rare animals either in Indonesia or the area around you, is for save them for out future generations. Someone may asks this, “ why we should save them? We can see them on computer display,right? Why should bother caring for them?”.

Well, maybe that person is not truly a human being. But we can answer that question by tling them about their future generations. Doesn’t it feel sad that your kids can only see them by the information on the internet? They can only imagine them, not seeing them before their eyes.

6. To maintain the ecosystem

The other thing that is really important to us because can give a direct effect to our life is for maintaining the condition of the ecosystem. When one animal enters the rare status, it can make the ecosystem unbalanced and it slowly falling down without any notice.

Especially, when the rare status also effects the other species who need them most. The bad condition will contaminate our environment, and can give bad effects to water, land, and also clean air that we desperately need.

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7. Medical purposes

Medicines are not only made of the vegetations. Even though there are some vegetations that can give a lot of benefits, some medicines require the recipes that came from the parts of rare animals. Even though it’s likely restricted to make medicine out off rare animals, but sometimes desperate time needs desperate measures.

Imagine that you can not use because you can not even find one single rare animal that needed for the medicine. Do you want use the chemical medicine forever? Maybe not, because they can give you side effects that actually can make your body worse.

8. Tourism Preservations

This importance has the relation about the ecosystem we mentioned earlier. Maybe you realize it, that people mostly come to Indonesia to see the natural attractions in there. If, the rare animals giving the ecosystem the effects that is really bad, the attractions that are primadonas can start falling apart slowly.

You can imagine that the tourism industry always depends on the good condition of the natural ecosystem. Then, if it’s going worse, the industry of tourism, and travel industry will also falling to the ground and give none of devisa to the country.

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9. Agriculture becoming more important

In Indonesia, there’s one study about the agricultural that is becoming more popular now. The thing is, many people who want to be the farmers can actually giving the positive impacts to the rare species either animals or vegetations.

Many farmers in Indonesia would like to spare some of their land as a place for the wild animals. The animals can use the place as resting spot or place to live. Even though that area is not very wide in space, but surely it’ll be useful.

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10. To save the predators

The most important thing about an ecosystem is the predator.Why is that? Because the top predators can control the balance of the food chain itself. You can imagine that the numbers of predators decresing, it can effect the whole chain.

For example, is the eagles become extinct one day, then the number of mouses, and other creatures who are actually the food of the eagles can keep increasing, making them eating any food they want freely and making vegetables, fruits, and the other food damagd and can not be eaten.

11. Maintaining food chain

Like previously said on the information above, the food chain is actually really important to humans life. The environment should be balance because with that way, it can provide us with the things we need.

There are so many food chains out there, tha can give us different effects. Like food chain on the rice fields, if it’s stable, it can give us more appropiate portion of rice because the number of predators are balance.

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12. People in Indonesia started building several places like Cagar Alam,

In Indonesia, there are three types of conservations. The first one is this Cagar Alam. This place is specially built in order to protect the flora and fauna that have endangered status. So they have two consentration in here.

13. Suaka Maragasatwa

Different from the type of conservation above, Suaka Margasatwa is only focusing to protect numbers of rare animals. With only one concentration, they can have more number of rara fauna than in Cagar Alam.

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14. and National Parks

And for the last one is the national parks. National parks in Indonesia built as an educational place, that has the complete real ecosystem that usually used for the name of science and knowlegde. Usually for the study tour, the schools would take their students to the National Parks, becaue it can give the realistic representation of the wildlife out there.

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The importance of rare animals to Indonesia which is very crucial is to be reminder. Reminder of what? Our future generations. They won’t see the rare animals again once they finally extinct some day. It’s also a reminder for us to :

  1. People realize the importance of not keeping the rare animals,
  2. not doing illegal logging
  3. and catching fish illegaly

So that’s all the importance of rare animals to Indonesia, that is very important for us as humans. Even though they don’t bring the direct effects on us, they don’t bring any bad things to us, they still worthy to protect, more than you can imagine.

With this article, we together hope that you can be one of the poeple who would protect, and care about the rare animals out there. They need us, and so do we. Because of that need, we should protect them too for our barbaric side.

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