10 Interesting Facts of Sumatran Rhinoceroes

Sumatran rhinoceros (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) is one species of rhinoceros belonging to Indonesia besides Javan Rhinoceros (Rhinocerus sondaicus). Sumatran rhinoceros (Sumatran rhino) is also the smallest species of rhinoceros in the world. It is one of the 5 species of rhinoceros that still survive from extinction. The other kinds of survived rhino in the world are […]

Endangered Orangutans in Indonesia – Threats – Conservation

Maybe some of us already know about the endangered animals in this world. We can see them in our television channel like National geographic for example, or other channels in local stations. Many of them are from Asia region, especially Indonesia country. In this country you can take a look at the long list of […]

18 Long-necked Turtle Facts – Characteristics

Long necked turtle or commonly known as snake necked  turtle is a breed of a turtle which is easy to be found at the eastern side of the world, such as many parts of Australia and places which are filled with freshwater. Even though not many have known or even familiar with the name of […]

17 Bornean Bay Cat Facts – Habitat – Characteristics

Bornean Bay Cats are also called Borneo Cats. In English, it is known as Borneo Bay Cat, in Malaysia the animals that also inhabit Sarawak and Sabah are known as Red Cats. While in Latin it’s referred to as Pardofelis Badia, which is synonymous with Catopuma Badia and Felis Badia. This cat is one of […]

17 Native Animals in Indonesia – Characteristics

Indonesia uniqueness is not only found in the natural wealth and beautiful panorama. In this beloved country, you can find dozens of endemic animals that will not be found in other parts of the world. The reason for this is that Indonesia is a country with the high animal population. It is estimated that there […]

Top 5 Sumatran Rhinoceros Facts – Characteristics

Sumatran rhinoceros is one of five rhinoceros who has it own uniqueness. Sumatran rhinoceros is the smallest of five rhinoceros species with their body length is less than 250 cm. Rhinoceros but small one? How can? Theres also another interesting facts about Sumatran rhinoceros you should know! So, what are they? Read also:  Endangered Animals […]

Top 9 Interesting Siamang Gibbon Facts – Endangered

If we are looking at these primates jumping around the trees, we might feel a bit curious because these particular primates are looking like monkey, but doesn’t look like one at the same time. Well, don’t be too fast to judge because this is definitely no monkey that we are talking about. We are talking […]

Javan Rhinoceros Facts – Habitats – Conservation

Generally, there are 5 species of rhinoceros that known to still live in the wild. Among the other rhinoceros species, the Javan Rhinoceros is the most endangered species. The population of Javan Rhinoceros is only 50 and only found in the Ujung Kulon National Park area. The Javan rhinoceros is one of the rarest animals […]

Bali Myna Bird Facts – Characteristics and Conservation

Bali myna bird, also known as Jalak Bali and Bali Starling, the name myna is from the 18th Century, from the Hindi word ‘Mainā’. Then, now it transforms into Myna, the Bali myna bird is a bird that’s mean it’s an intoxicating, delightful and joyful type of bird. They are now found only in one […]

Merak Bird – Characteristics and Conservation

Merak Bird often called as peafowl. Peafowls are very large, colourful birds. They are famous for their feathers which can raise upwards. The feathers reveal golden pattern like eyes. There are two species of peafowls in the world, the Indian peafowl (Pavo cristatus) and the Green peafowl (Pavo muticus). The Indian peafowl is from India while the Green […]