Islamic Law in Indonesia – History – Development

It can not be denied that Muslims in Indonesia are the most major element. In the level of the international Islamic world, Indonesian Muslims can even be called as the largest Muslim community that gathered in a territorial border of the state. (See also : Largest Mosque in Indonesia – National library of Indonesia) Therefore, it is […]

Top 10 Longest River in Indonesia (#6 is Beautiful)

Beside its historical places, Indonesia also known for its natural beauty. In here, you can find wonderful waterfalls, beaches, and also the rivers. But now we focusing on the rivers. Beside beautiful, those rivers also have a very long length, one of them even reach 1 km long. What are those rivers? Where can we […]

Top 15 Historical Places in Indonesia (#10 is Popular)

Indonesia, a country with a hundreds cultures, races, and also languages. However, beside all of that, Indonesia also rich with histories. The history is important thing in human life, even though we can’t see it again, but we can feel the momentum when visiting the historic places. read all over Indonesia. From the east, to the west, […]

Top 15 Indonesian Architect Lists

Behind a great building display, there is a reliable architect responsible for developing it. But sometimes, many people do not know who is actually the mastermind behind many of these buildings. In Indonesia alone, there are quite a lot of famous buildings that turned out to be made by the nation’s own native architect. From […]

Top 7 Indonesian Night Markets (5# is Popular)

You know Night Market is? The night market is a special market that exist only during night time. So can’t find it during the day. It’s a place to buy things, when you can pay and buy everything you want in there. You can buy anything you want in the markets. Clothes, foods, accessories, everything. […]

The History of Prambanan Temple in Indonesia

Beside many temples in Indonesia, there’s one magnificent temple, Prambanan. Prambanan temple is the most beautiful temple in the world. It’s also the largest Hindu relic in Indonesia exist in Central Java and Yogyakarta. However, its located approximately 17-20 kilometers in east of Yogyakarta. The main temple on the Prambanan temple complex leads to the east, […]

Indonesian Navy: Strength – Duties – Abilities

Have you ever heard about The Indonesian Navy? Maybe not. As one of Indonesian Military Power, The Indonesian Navy (or commonly abbreviated as TNI Navy or TNI-AL) is one of the branches of the army forces. It is part of the Indonesian National Army (TNI) with responsible for the defense operations of the Republic of […]

Indonesian Education System – History and Development

Education is the process of learning and developing of one’s knowledge, skill, mind, character by formal schooling, teaching or training. Parents and family are the first place for children to start archiving their knowledge. At the age of 5-6, parents start introducing their children to formal education such as kindergarten. Formal education commonly divided into such stages. Such as: Preschool […]