Piracy in Indonesia – Reasons – Solutions

Piracy…piracy..piracy. Indonesia is full of them. In Indonesia, copyright issues are governed by the Copyright Act, that is, currently applicable in the law Number 28 of 2014. In the law, the definition of copyright is “an exclusive right of the author or the recipient of the right to announce or Reproduce its creation or grant permission to it without prejudice to restrictions under applicable legislation “(1 of 1). Copyright in Indonesia is also familiar with the concept of “economic rights” and “moral rights”. Economic rights are the right to economic benefit to creation, whereas the moral right is an inherent right of the author or the performer (art, recordings, broadcasts) which can not be removed for any reason, even if the copyright or related rights have been transferred . An example of the exercise of moral rights is the inclusion of the name of the creator to the work, even if the copyright of the work is already sold for the benefit of others.

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There are numbers of Piracy in Indonesia, but we pick the top 3 pirated products, those are :

A. Book Piracy in Indonesia

The number of books published in Indonesia is low, not up to 18,000 titles per year. Much lower than Japan’s 40,000 book titles per year, India (60,000), and China (140,000). According to Bodó Balázs in the book Necessity Knows No Laws, there are a number of things to note in connection with the pirating of books:

  • The gap between supply and demand created by price restrictions or certain rules must be filled by the people who use the pirated products. (See also:  Deforestation in Indonesia – Poverty in Indonesia)
  • When confronted with piracy, the early market rulers must have turned to the state for protection, and will only adjust their business model as a last resort.
  • They usually exploit legal uncertainty.
  • Piracy has a political role as opposed to centralizing the control of information, whether done for the benefit of government and private.

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Also, Indonesia is in the list of state priorities overseen by the United States Trade Representative (USTR) as a country where many intellectual property infringements occur. In this era of reform, the authors of the book can be creative with all the bright ideas to produce a literary work that can be enjoyed by everyone in social life, but as it happens in everyday life, due to the limitations of economic factors and the lack of awareness of the law Society in enjoying and appreciating a work of art that gives rise to a tendency to enjoy artwork in the wrong way. For example: it’s not hypocrisy that we prefer to buy books at street vendors who obviously sell pirated books than if we bought books in official bookstores for the reason that they were cheaper and easier to get. 

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B. Music Piracy in Indonesia

The progress of the music industry with the birth of Digital Music makes it easier for human beings to hear and get music without problems. With the many advantages it has, digital music was not separated from the problem which is quite complicated and never happened before in the world of old music.  Almost in all countries in the world there is piracy of intellectual rights of music, especially in Developing Countries like Indonesia in Southeast Asia for example. Although in developed countries music piracy is still happening, but the piracy rate there is not as big as the number of music piracy in the other countries. The majority of almost all people in developing countries use pirated CDs and download free music files via the internet that are legally questionable. No matter the lower and upper classes, even law enforcement officials who should prevent this problem even following-up using these pirated products. 

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Various efforts have been done by the government and the communities who want to end this problem. Among them through the raids conducted by the authorities on the pirated music, raids conducted on pirated CD traders who exist all over the city, the appeal in the form of campaigns against the community is spread by the activists who care about this problem. But all the efforts seemed to be in vain, as if just a waste of energy. The piracy prevention failed to be pressed and piracy was increasing everywhere.

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C. Software Piracy

Software piracy can be defined as “copying and using commercial software purchased by others”. Illegal software piracy. Any piece of pirated software takes away corporate profits, reducing funds for further software development initiatives.  Indonesia Including in the ranks of countries with the largest number of copyright infringements in the world. Indonesia ranks third worst in the world (above Vietnam and Zimbabwe) in the use of illegal software, especially computer software. In the use of approximately 5.9 million personal computers (PCs) circulating in Indonesia, 87 percent still use illegal software.

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The Reasons

Why are the people like doing piracy on all of that products?

  1. The original price is too high, influence people to find alternative products, the more expensive the more difficult the community to meet those needs. (see also: Chinese Culture in Indonesia)
  2. The economic conditions of society that determine society to meet their needs. (see also: Largest Lakes in Indonesia)
  3. The existence of the pirated products which always doubled, copied, then distributed it again to the public until the price in places where the official product is too far so that customers will choose alternative products.
  4. Government officials who are less in act against the piracy. (see also: Haunted Places in Indonesia)
  5. People themselves who choose to use pirated products. When all societies use the original product then the people who make pirated products will stop pirating because no one will buy their merchandise. And the possibility of the original price will be cheaper because the high number of sales. The most frequent example can be found in college. Books for college are very expensive, if the original book price can reach 1 million more, but by copying we can get the book at a price of only 80 thousand. 

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Maybe we can’t erase all the problems, but at least we can do something to reduce it. We can use these methods:

1. Gain Public Awareness

It needs public awareness that the software has made it easier for us to complete the work. Therefore the existence of the software should be rewarded by buying genuine software licensed from the manufacturer. It also should be remembered that the software is the work of intellectuality and creativity of software developers so ethically we have to respect like ourselves who always want to be respected. To overcome the relatively high price of software, there is now a lot of open source software, which allows us to use it and duplicate it as long as it is not used for other commercial.

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2. Open Source Software

Open source software that is widely used is linux with its famous derivative is ubuntu, nowadays many big companies have started to switch to using open source software in their office computer. This open source software is intentionally made almost like commercial software for easy to use and does not require difficult adaptation even open source software is considered more secure because it is rare to find a virus that can damage the computer and data in it. Currently open source software can be obtained by downloading it on the internet or can share with friends who use open source software. The use of open source software has made the emergence of a community.

3. Attention by Government

The government should provide counseling and knowledge on the importance of respect for an intellectual property. The approach that can be done is by way of education or provide an ethics lesson to information technology in schools. The government can also install advertisements that invite the public to avoid software piracy activities. In conducting this campaign the government can work with software manufacturers. 

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And that’s it, all about piracy in Indonesia. If you are the one doing it, please never do it again in other circumstances. You can buy the original one,instead of the pirated version. Not also getting the full version legally, you also can support the developer to create something more greater in the next production. Okay, see you again, and have a great time!