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Interesting Facts About Sumatran Orangutan That You Should Know

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Indonesia has so many kind of animals, which is divided into common animals, and the rare animals. Well, the number of rare animals is sadly keep decreasing, because of the illegal hunt out there. But, no worries, the government will try their best take care of them by providing the place for them, the conservations.


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In those conservations, there are sme animals that being kept in there to avoid the illegal hunts, like the Javanese rhino, the endemic tigers, and also the orangutans. The last animals we want to discuss for this time is the Orangutans. As you may know already, there are two main types of Orangua in Indonesia, the Sumatran and the Borneo. But for now, we want to tell you about all the interesting facts about the Sumatran Orangutan. Starting from the first one!

1. Only have 1 subspecies

First thing first, the Orangutan is the animal that also has several subspecies. Beside the two diffferent species that you already knew, the Bornean and the Sumatran Orangutan, they have their own subspecies.

Like the Bornean Orangutan for example, it has three different subspecies. They are Pongo Pygmaeus Wurmbi, Pongo Pygmaeus-Pygmaeus, and the last one is Pongo Pygmaeus Moria. Meanwhile, the Sumatran only have one subspecies, the Pongo Abelii.

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2. Included in Critically Dangered category

The next fact is the fact that tells us, the Sumatran Orangutan is in a great danger in recent times. Not only the Sumatran, basially all the species of Orangutan is in danger. There are several problems that cause it.

First, the open forest policiy, which is drifing the Orangutans far away from their home. With nowhere to go, many Orangutans started to search the villages. And the bad move done by the villagers is, burning the Orangutan alive to give them “punishment”. This act received so many negative critics.

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3. They would prefer hanging around on trees

Unlike their family, Sumatran Orangutan really like to protect themself by doing most of their activities on the trees. They rarely seen to go on the ground, except for the communication session with the zoo keepers.

On the trees, they can feel save and protected. For them, walking around like that on the ground is like the risky movement that can put them in a great danger. They also really love to do some swinging from tree to tree.

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4. Like their name, they are commonly found in the Sumatra island area

Of course, the name of Sumatran Orangutans is not only came from their physcial difference. It also came from the origin of these Orangutans, which is the forest in Sumatra island. There are some several forests in here where many of them can be found within.

But, due to the unsave location and several disasters that happened, the Oranguatsn left in the wild need some help to get some foods. And fortunately, many organizations saw this as an opportunity to finally help them.

5. But they can also be found in some small portions area in Borneo island

The spread of Sumatran Orangutans is not only existed inside the area of Sumatran island, but in some certain chances, they can also be found within the Borneo area, or any other area beside the Sumatra island.

Well, many theories still going on to understanding how they can be outside of the area? Is it the human factor or just their unique behavior and intellegence to make a run. Maybe it’s the Orangutans trafficking, or other factors that cause this.

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6. The have 97% similar genetical DNA with us

Many said that, monkey is our ancestor. Many many great men in the past even claimed this based on their theory about human evolution. But, the fact tells us the truth now. Even though it’s still unclear, the data shows a blowing result.

The DNA of Sumatran Orangutans show that they have 97% similar DNA like the human has. 97 is a great value, right? That’s another explanation, why Orangutans have such a great intellegence on their mind.

7. And that’s why they can easily got sick because of human diseases

Having most human DNA within them, is making themself more vulnurable to the humans diseases. Some small diseases like fever or flu can also causing the Orangutans, just like infecting human in usual.

They have the antibody system almost the same like us, but less advanced of course.

8. They are really smart

Orangutans are really smart. There was this one test that showed mind blowing result. The Orangutan that used in the research did the test so well, and showing a good response to do problem solving.

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9. They use several items for preparing foods

A sign that shows us how smart they are, is the usage of tools. Like human, they also like to make their life more easier with the existence of the helping equipments or tools. Noted, there are 55 in total, tools for bug catching, and then the 20 tools to prepare their foods, usually used for crunching the fruits.

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10. Really like to socialize

Also, the Sumatran Orangutans also be considered as socialized animals. They really like to meet new people beside their own keeper, and can be more friendly and opened from time to time. That’s why, they usually show this kind of attraction toward the visitors by doing funny stuff like hugging, or playing with the visitors nose or something.

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To find out more about other interesting facts of Sumatran Oranutan, we would introduce you the other informations to completing our topic for today. Even though these are only the short informations, but they can give you another view and information about the life of Sumatran Orangutan.

  1. The word “Orangutan” means the forest man
  2. They also have the perfect stucture of hands
  3. Really love fruits than anything else
  4. They don’t like being on the ground
  5. Have several calls that used in some conditions
  6. Orangutans can live up to 50 years
  7. There are charities out there coming from another country like Autralia
  8. Having less population than Bornean Orangutans
  9. Also having smaller body
  10. Illegal hunt is the main reason of their way to extinction

So that’s our article about the top 20 interesting facts about the cute Sumatran Orangutans. As you can see in them, they reflect our us perfectly. By seeing them, in how they behave, and how they treat each other in society, we can learn some beautiful things in our life.

It’s time to stup hunting those poor rare animals. If you want to hunt them for fun, then the jail is a perfect place for you to repent. As a society and individual, we can help to protect them, even though not directly, like doing a campaign for stopping the illegal hunting. But, we also remember that hunting themis strictly prohibited. Think of the future.

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