25 Importance of Bali Indonesia and Its People

Bali is one unique island that Indonesia has. Many people love it, not only the locals, but also the foreign tourists who already visited this beautiful island in the past. Many people still don’t know what is the exact reason they love the Bali island.

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The thing is, the importance of Bali Indonesia are indeed so many, that is beneficial for either the local or the people that are not from the area. With realizing the importance of Bali Indonesia, you as tourist or local can enjoy the Bali island more, and looking for its potentials. So here it is, the importance of this godly island for you.

1. Serving great places for study tour like Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue,

Beside serving the interesting places where the people can enjoy their holiday with so many fun activities, Bali is also having some spectacular spots that can be the educational attractions for either the students or the tourists who want to gain information about Balinese culture.

One example is this GWK or Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue. As you can see in the image we provided, this status is not an ordinary statue, it’s an project that will be the biggest statue in South East Asia, maybe even in Asia. But the statue still in the work in progress, maybe we can see the result years later.

2. Ulu Watu Temple,

Beside that, the people can also learn the culture of Bali throguh the temples. If you already visited Bali, you can notice that there are so many temples in the island, because mostly the people in there are having Hindu religion.

Because of so many temples, we’re gonna pick one example in here, the Uluwatu Temple. The temples which looks very good, located just few meters from the cliff can provide the tourists with much entertainment, like Kecak Dance, or evening theater.

3. Tanah Lot,

The next educational place is this Tanah Lot. Many schools in Indonesia always refering this place to be the first location for study tour. The reason is, in this place there’s not only souvenir shops that present on the front, but there’s one hidden thing in there.

The thing that people always hunt is the temple in Tanah Lot. Going on there wouldn’t be an easy trip because, all depend on the wave. If there’s tide, then you can’t pass it. Because of the exclusiveness of the temple, you should pick the right time to come there.

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4. and also Sukowati Market

Going on Sukowati Market would be great. Not only because of the discounts that can be ridiculous sometimes, but because in here, you can see directly the arts and culture of Bali. Some locals also sell something like traditional musical instruments and other stuff.

No wonder that Sukowati Market is a favorite place for the collectors out there. Some of them even will spend the money to going from their country to Bali island just for looking the stuff they always wanted. Well, of course they can get it in here only, the most complete art market in Bali.

5. And island that can increase the country’s devisa

The name of Bali is indeed famous in the world ears. People always refering the name of Bali island when they want to have a different holiday in tropical island. Because of that fame, Bali is getting more and more visitors every year.

That’s very good, because in that way, the devisa of Indonesia can be increased too. The people of Bali also making the island more familiar to the foreigners by making the building and services more modern, so they can fulfill their needs.

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6. Developing local enonomic level

Not only the country’s devisa, the tourism of Bali also giving effect to the local economy. The visitors who came from another country will be interested in some stuff like masks or the traditional products that made by the locals.

When they love them, they will tell their friends about that stuff, and then the buyers will coming again, to buy the traditional products that only made by Balinese people. With that, the sellers which are the locals can get much money by selling and promoting the local products to the tourists.

7. People can also bringing more “people” in

What does it mean by bringing more people in? Who are the people and the “people”? Bringin people in, means that the people who are locals can invite some more “people”, the tourist to coming to Bali again in the next occasion.

The purpose of that already described on the point 6, which is increasing the local economy. Then what should they do to invite more tourists? They can do many things like improving the attractions, becoming more humble, and also giving the best services they can. Also, in the end they need to promote again to the tourists, as a reminder.

8. The tourists can also giving some help on some conservations

The good thing about the conservations in Bali area is, mostly they are open to people. Like this attraction where you can directly see the turtles in the Tanjung Benoa. If the tourists want to participate in the conservation they can support it with what they could do.

For example, during some times there will be an event of small turtles releasing, so they can swim to the ocean freely by the help of the humans. Also, the tourist can give some donations if they want it to the corresponding conservation.

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9. Giving people work opportunities

The existence of the attractions is not good for the tourists who want to see another choices or options to spend the day, but they are also good for the locals. Why? Because the locals can help maintaining the area.

Sometimes, the management of the attractions will communicate with the village chief about their project, and asking about the cooperation between them. Then, the place will be managed and supervised directly by the locals, and they, the management and the locals, can split the profit for fair.

10. Can invite some investors

Not only the tourists who want to spend money in Bali island, by looking at how fast the development in Bali island, some people we would like to call as investors would be interested to plant their money in this island.

That money will be used for so many things, but mostly for improvements of Bali island. When the island is improved, theyc an get more and more monye because of the tourists who would likely to visiti Bali again.

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11. Can give the tourists informations about cultures

The important thing about Bali island is not only the variety of attractions. But, it’s the Balinese culture that must be remembered always. To maintain this thing, there are some museums in Bali that can tell the people who curious about them with the perfect and realistic displays that can be seen directly.

12. Making the name of Bali more famous through times

With all the benefits and the importance of Bali island, of course everyone will remember the name of Bali. An island with full potentials that can make everyone who spend their days in there more happy and calm.

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13. Providing best natural attractions like Sanur Beach,

People coming to Bali island is either for hunting the culture or hunting the famous attactions. One of them is Sanur Beach. This beach is never be empty, even in the night. Some people want to hang out in the area because of so many good things that you may find inside

14. Pandawa Beach,

Pandawa beach is another great option if you want to spend some days in Bali. Located in the tip of Bali island, this location is great enough for the people who want to enjoy their holiday without being interrupted by city noise.

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15. and Kuta Beach 

And Kuta is always becoming famous attraction in Bali. Beside having the well condition, some surfers also loving it because of its challenging waves.

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Besise the 15 things about the importance of Bali Indonesia, we will tell you another lists that have about 10 of them more. So, if we looking for the benefits of Bali island, especially for Indonesians, you can see what are them below :

  1. Promoting the local products
  2. Introducing Balinese traditional products
  3. The attractions will be more maintained
  4. Government is more concern about Bali
  5. Indonesian people can also promoting this island
  6. and so do the foreigners
  7. Proudly introduce one of the Indonesian gems to the world
  8. Making all Balinese foods more popular
  9. Can always catching the eyes of tourists from aboard
  10. There will be potential collaborations between the locals and foreigners about something like arts or economy, making the name of Bali more great in the future

That is the total 25 importance of Bali Indonesia that everyone can got. The most important thing about the Bali island is, it can unite so many people. If you don’t realize it, some problems in Bali like the dirty condition of beaches in Bali can bring people together to fix them.

Even though there are not so many people, but there’s a bond between the tourists and the locals who are together cleaning the areas. That is only one examples from so many activities in Bali. There are unlimited potentials that Bali island has.