Top 11 Largest Mosque in Indonesia – Fascinating

The mosque is a worship place for Muslim all over the world. That’s why mosque assumed as sacred place and people can not be entered.  As well as the construction of mosque quite longer. It include the magnificent manufacture with precision and intricate architecture. On the other hand, the founder of mosque absorb the culture and […]

13 Best Airports in Indonesia (World-Recognized)

In globalization era, the existence of air transportation increasingly needed. Especially as as the bustle of the world transportation. In addition, Airplanes make travel faster and easier. Then, now many people switching to airplanes for travel both of short and long distances. So, the development of tourism in Indonesia is running fast to improve between quality and […]

15 The Biggest Stadiums in Indonesia (4# is Spectacular)

Stadium is a building generally uses to hold sport events and concerts. There are field or arena surrounded by standing and sitting places for spectators. Modern stadium often has no roofs on the tribunes. However, there is also the stadiums which still use roof above their tribunes. Its similar as stadium dome. On the other […]

40 Most Horrible Volcanoes in Indonesia (#3 is Amazing)

Indonesia is the country with the most active volcanoes on earth. There are more than 200 volcanoes with 127 of them are active. The three top active volcanoes located in Sumatra, Flores and Sulawesi. That’s why the average of earthquakes in Indonesia ranges up to five ritcher scale or more. Volcanoes in Indonesia are part of the Pacific Ring […]

80+ Fascinating and Unique Facts About Indonesia (What Travelers Need)

Indonesia is already well-known for having many unique characteristics in every way. Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia consists of having more than 10000 islands. Indonesia is also known as heaven of tourist cause many places that worth to visit, cultures which can gain your knowledge and experiences. Sometimes, many tourists also make Indonesia for their […]