History of Christianity in Indonesia in Indonesia

In this special occasion we’re gonna talk about the history of Christian in Indonesia, including the developments. Now, talking about history of Christianity here, the religion believed to be around when the European came to Indonesia, you know when Portuguese and Dutch came here. The catholic one is believed to be carried by the Portuguese […]

Easter in Indonesia – Celebrations and Traditions

So, in the year of the rabbit and the eggs we once more celebrate the Easter. You already know the Easter,right? Maybe its the perfect time to enjoy some good things with family especially your children. So, beside its a religious time to pay respect to the Lord, its also a good time to relax […]

15 Religious Beliefs in Indonesia – Characteristics

Beside having rich history and culture, Indonesia also has many religions that still exist in peace. All of people respect each other, even they have different religion. That religious harmony also make Indonesia more famous in the eye of the world. Th high level of tolerance is the thing rarely found anywhere else, except Indonesia. […]

Islamic Law in Indonesia – History – Development

It can not be denied that Muslims in Indonesia are the most major element. In the level of the international Islamic world, Indonesian Muslims can even be called as the largest Muslim community that gathered in a territorial border of the state. (See also : Largest Mosque in Indonesia – National library of Indonesia) Therefore, it is […]

Balinese Puppets – Characteristics – Performances

Wayang Bali is not only a matter of art, it is also used for religious ceremonies of Hindu Bali since hundreds of years ago. The Love of Balinese puppets can be regarded as part of the culture and also media tool of conducting major religions in many provinces in the archipelago. Balinese culture has indeed become the […]

4 Most Violence Christian Persecution in Indonesia

Nowadays, Indonesia is fame in the middle of earth because the violence. The Diversity in Indonesia make Indonesia extremely difficult to unite as well. Although motto “Unity in Diversity” applicable, there some people disobey that motto. Those people is the main causes of violence in Indonesia maybe. One of the fame case is violence of religious. […]

Top 15 Largest Churches in Indonesia (#11 is Popular)

A church is a place of worship for many Christian and the availability of churches is important in keeping the balance of many faith in a certain area. The word church itself has many meanings. Although the main meaning is the “soul” or the congregation that is present in it, this time we measure the […]

Eid in Indonesia (Al-Fitr) – Celebrations and Traditions

Due to the fact that Indonesia is a Muslim country, it will be pretty convincing to say that Eid Al-Fitr holiday is one of the most important holiday there ever is in this country. This holiday comes every year at the date of 1st syawal (Islamic date system). It could happens everyday as syawal month […]

Christianity Growth in Indonesia – Religion

Indonesia is one of the most religious country in the world. Religion is mandatory, not again just a matter of people’s heart like western people beliefs. Among the 257,6 million people in entire country, almost all of it is Muslim. The amount of Muslim people in Indonesia is now reaching up to 85%, leading Indonesia […]

Diversity in Indonesia – Cultural – Multiculturalism

Indonesia known as NKRI (Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia) which had many things inside. That things made Indonesia as a rich country as well. Not only for the plantations, but also the cultures and the views. Indonesia ranked number fourth for the numerous of societies. Yup, Indonesia is the largest country. Consisted with five big islands […]