17 Unique Indonesia Activities

Each country must have many unique habits and also interesting to know. One example of Indonesian society that has a culture, there is also a strange routine, for some people may think it is not good or funny to do. However, it has become a tradition even ingrained, so difficult to remove.

For foreigners, of course, it is very strange and also strange. Conducted every day and become a regular habit, and carried up to large or mature. Everyone has a habit that is difficult to be abandoned, good habits and unfavorable habits & in fact there are unique Indonesian habits in the world & even has become the main attraction for the people of Indonesia.

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It turns out the customs and habits of this Indonesian people has long been done from the past, even has become a daily behavior. To find out what unique Indonesian activities you can look into and search for:

1. Eat With The Right Hand

The habit of Indonesia who makes the first bule confused the habit of Indonesian people eat by hand. Many Indonesians are used to eating with their hands without using a spoon or fork. How to eat with the hands of Indonesians is not the same done by Americans who just dip the tip of the tachos into the sauce by hand. The Indonesian way is by burying some of the fingers into the food then gripping the food with those fingers. Seeing this is a lot of westerners who feel disgusted because the cause is not clean.

2. Not On Time

Indonesian customs in the eyes of the second world is not timely. Not timely is a habit that has been owned by almost all residents of Indonesia, they can delay up to one hour from the scheduled time. While foreigners are people who value the time so they are very frustrated when reviewing the schedule with the people of Indonesia. A bad habit and bad to imitate.

3. No Discipline Removing Trash In Place

A unique Indonesian custom in the eyes of the next world is littering. Many slogans are in places to throw the garbage in place, but it seems that the slogan is just a slogan that does not mean anything because it remains a lot of Indonesian people who throw garbage carelessly. And the unique habits of this become the culture of a child who is still small to adults.

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4. Like Picking And Eat It

A unique Indonesia activity hereinafter is the people of Indonesia fond of picking a nonsense place. Then the upil is affixed anywhere or any place or can also be eaten and swallowed. If this habit cannot be a role model or imitated because it is not good for health and also become unpleasant behavior seen.

5. The Fart Tradition is Rough

For foreigners, if someone likes farting indiscriminate of course the person does not know the ethics of socializing well. Farts are not forbidden, but this is a tradition for some of our people that sounds weird and funny. Of course, this habit cannot be removed just like that, because it has become a habit. Examples of events at the time of eating with family, if there is a family who farted, of course, the other members will stay away or immediately glaring and angry.

6. Bid Price Too Low

Usually who likes to bargain the price of any item if shopping in the market, shop, or pavement very often bargain until the lowest price. Usually, this is done by mothers – mothers who are smart in negotiated price. This habit is very reasonable, and unique because the average of all women do that. Even sometimes you men do it, there is good and bad impact doing that. Quite unique this habits because there is a feeling satisfied if their offer directly approved by the seller.

7. Rice Being a Staple Food

For Indonesian people unique other Indonesia activities that if you want to eat is not complete if you do not eat rice. Feels unsatisfactory and unsatisfactory, this is what causes many Indonesian people who are obese and also diabetes. Moreover, eating rice is not enough 1 plate, but can add 2 plates. Strange foreigners with this custom will be stunned and say unique things and something unusual for them. And rice cannot be replaced with any food.

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8. The Kerokan Habit

A unique Indonesia activity do the scrap with a special tool, it is intended to remove excessive winds on the body and make the body becomes fresher and fit. This includes an old-fashioned way that is still practiced today, traditionally indeed quite powerful. How to do this by using a coin and oil that is leached to the back of the body. Then it is done by squeezing the body in the desired direction with coins or the like.

9. Tumpeng Rice Habit

Celebrate an event to be grateful or a party event with a habit of making rice cone. This became a tradition from ancient times and is still done today. It aims at a thank-you to God for blessings and salvation. Tumpeng rice is rice food made like a high triangle and mixed with a side dish and some cooked vegetables that have been processed before.

10. Habit Sajenan To Beach Or Mountain

A unique Indonesia activity is one of the unique forms of tradition is giving an offering or a thank-you gift to God. It is intended to be grateful for all the favors and life. This offering is usually placed in a unique place with a variety of crops. And some are swept into the sea there are also placed in places of worship or mountains. It is still done to date by some people on the island of Java and Bali.

Here is a unique thing other Indonesia activities that are not less interesting and also strange are:

  • Baby’s Hair Razor. That is the habit held by the Indonesian people to shave baby’s hair after stepping on more than 40 days. This is for the baby to survive and become a good boy someday.
  • The habit of Flattening Balinese Custom Teeth. The ritual leveling of teeth in Bali is one of Indonesia’s unique activities ahead of the teenagers. Every Balinese teenager, both men and women who are specifically Hindus, it is intended that adolescents have grown up.
  • The Habit of Dayak Tattoos. Tattoos performed in the Dayak tribe is a tradition of tradition and has been hereditary. Tattoos on the Dayak tribe called “tutang”, each tattoo motif has different meanings, making and laying tattoos also should not be done carelessly.
  • Woman Proposing Men Tradition of West Sumatra. Another unique custom is the tradition of proposing to people whose daughter who wants to marry must marry his male candidate. Generally, men who woo women.
  • Dayak Long Dayworm. One of the proofs of Dayak women’s beauty is when they have long ears. It is a tradition that has been hereditary and still preserved to this day.
  • Dani’s Tribe Finger Cutting. Unique Indonesia other activities are traditions of the Dani tribe who perform this unique and rather horrified tradition is done as an expression of pain and sadness that is cut off his finger due to the death of family and relatives.
  • Bule Buffalo Tradition. One of the rituals to be grateful for the grace of God, the customs of people in Java, especially Central Java do Bule buffalo event. It is a bustling hunt for people to get a blessing.

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So are some examples of 17 unique Indonesia activities that you can know. Hopefully useful and to meet again.