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25 Unique Facts About Indonesian Wildlife

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Indonesia is a country that filled with so many beatiful things inside. As you can see, inside the country of Indonesia, there are several things that people really love, like the arts, culture, and also some great attractions.


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But, beside them all, we can not forget the actual natural stuff inside Indonesia, like the beautiful assets of forests and animals. Talking about the wildlife, there are some unique facts about it that we want to share with you in this facts about Indonesian wildlife. So let’s start from the first fact on the list, the epic and majestic Sumatran Tiger of Indonesia.

1. The Sumatran Tiger

The first fact about the wildlife in Indonesia is this animal called Sumatran Tiger. This tiger is very rare now, even in Indonesia. With its big size, the Sumatran tigers were alwats roaming the forest areas in the some islands of Indonesia, especially Sumatra.

They were usually hanging around the forest to hunt their prey for everyday living. But sadly, their number keep decreasing because of the high exploitation that caused by greedy humans. Now, their only place is in the conservation.

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2. Legendary Black Monkey of Sulawesi

The next animal we want to talk about is this endemic fauna that exists in Sulawesi island. Maybe some of us still not familiar with this monkey, because this one can be found rarely, even in the zoo. They are only exists in some conservations in Indonesia.

With its thick black colour, the black monkey of Sulawesi looks really epic. For you who want to know about the name of this monkey, its name is Yaki or Wolai monkey. It has this kind of straight hair on its head.

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3. Anoa

What’s an Anoa? Do you know what Anoa is? This animal called Anoa is also the endemic animal of Sulawesi island. Because of its small size, many people usually falsely refer this Anoa as the Buffalo’s kids. That’s not true of course, because even the adult Anoa also has small size.

Basically, it looks like a buffalo, with the black skin, and also two pointy horns on its head.  The horns are sharp enough to make a hole in your body. They can grow for about 30 cm, which can also grow more to be the longest horns.

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4. Jalak Bali Bird

Now, we want to talk about the birds inside the Indonesia country. There are some rare birds that usually hunted for money. The illegal hunters will sell those birds in the black markets that spread across the country.

One of the birds called Jalak Bali. This one looks so beautiful, with the white colour and also some black colours that decorated its wing and its tail. It also has this kind of bluish colour around its eyes. Because of that description only, the bird has a very high economic value.

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5. 771 Animal Species can be found in Sunda

The land of Sunda in the west side of Indonesia, also has some facts for you. The are also has a lot of natural and yet beautiful attractions, that many people visit. Even though some of them are crowded, but the animals can use them as resting place.

Based on the International Converence, Sunda has a about 771 animal species that ranging from the mammals to the insects. From that number, 146 species are the endemic animals of the area. In there, Jalak Bali can also be found recently.

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6. There’s 1589 kinds of birds in Indonesia

One fact of wildlife in Indonesia will tell us about the numbers of species that live inside this beloved country. For the birds, there are about 1589 kinds of them in here, based on the data of Burung Indonesia (Indonesian Bird Community).

This fact bring Indonesia to the country who placed first to be the country that has the most number of bird species in Asia. In the year starting from 2007, the number keeps decreasing because of the illegal hunt in Indonesia forests.

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7. 200 new species found in the late ten years

Sunda always has the high number of species. For the example, there are about more than 200 new species were found in the late ten years of research. Not only the animals on the ground, they also succeded to find new kind of animals in some places like rivers.

This is the third area in Indonesia that has a lot of animal species, just places after the Borneo that has about 430 species, 164 of them are endemics, and also Sumatra island, that has 270 species, which 42 of them are endemic animals.

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8. Wallacea Area

The next one info, we want to tell you about the area of Wallacea. What is it? Is that the new area of Indonesia. No, it’s not. Wallacea is a biogeographical transition area between the Paparan Sunda to the West, and Australasian to the East.

This area includes some islands in Indonesia like Sulawesi, Maluku islands, and part of Nusa Tenggara islands. If you imagine it, it’s an area, a big one that almost cover all the areas in Indonesia. In this part of area, there are so many endemic and species that unique can be found inside.

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9. It has about 223 species of mammals

That area of Wallacea, has a about 223 species of mammals. That number itself is pretty amazing to grasp. Part from that 223, 126 animals from there are endemic, and the rest are not. Almost 124 bat species can also be found within.

Sulawesi has the most of them, cover up to 136 animals, 82 of them are endemic animals. On that very island, there are also some animals that are called “Amazing”, they are Anoa, and also one endemic animal called Babi Rusa (Babyrousa).

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10. 700 bird species can be found in Wallacea

Also still inside the area of Wallacea, there are very huge number of bird species in here. In total, they even reach for about 700 species. Almost 11% of them are also the endemic species of bird in Wallacea.

Mostly, they can be found in Sulawesi island, that has some subareas. For example, the birds that can be found in this area are Serindit, Seriwang, Gagak Banggai, Punggok, Raja Perling, Kepudang Sungu, and also Gosong Sula.

11. Wallacea also has many kinds of reptile

Wallacea also has some other fact that we want to tell to you. Beside having large species of birds and mammals, it also has several species of reptile. In total, there are approximately 222 species, which 99 of them are endemic animals.

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12. 58 Amphibia type animals in Wallacea

Aside from the reptile type of animals, in Wallacea, there are also huge number of amphibian animals. There are about 58 species of them, and 32 species of amphibian animals are included as endemic animals. The number is dominated by the frogs, Malayan, and Australian.

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Aside from that information above, we also want to provide you with the others that absolutely can increase your knowledge about the wildlife in Indonesia. We got another 13 to add into the list of facts about Indonesian wildlife, so see the complete of them below :

  1. There are 310 species of fish in Wallacea
  2. Wallacea has 82 butterfly species
  3. Indonesia is one heaven of birds
  4. Living legend, Komodo Dragon
  5. Coelacanth
  6. The rare Mallomys Giant
  7. There are many exotic insects in Indonesia
  8. There are two main cause of wildlife extinction : The loss of habitat
  9. and illegal trade of wildlife
  10. There are some laws about forest protection
  11. There are more than 300.000 species live in Indonesia
  12. There are about 1.539 bird species
  13. Many conservations built in order to protect them from extinction

So that is the total complete information about the facts about Indonesian wildlife that you should know. If we talking about the wildlife, it will be neveran ened to this topic, because out there, there are tons of facts about wildlife in Indonesia.

And the information is keep growing even in a day, and that’s our job to uncover them all,ad put them into this media to able to tell you about how great the wildlife of Indonesia is. So, be sure to stay tune with us, and get all the exclusive information that included on this site Facts of Indonesia!

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