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25 Interesting Facts About Indonesian Orangutans

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In this green country of Indonesia, there are a lot of things to discover. The natural attraction is one of them. These spots can only be found on a country like Indonesia, where the nature is still taking control of those natural attractions. Aside from the attractions, the other things in Indonesia that also interesting too look for are the flora and fauna.


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If in the previous article we already told you about some example of endemic flora of Indonesia, now we’re going to switch on the second one, the fauna. Fauna in Indonesia is really complete, if compare with the countries around the world. All of the divided into some classes. One example of them, is Orangutan. This animal is really identical like us humans. With both hands, legs, even head bone structure and the body really reflected very well. So, we here want to provide you with some of the facts about this cute little creature of Indonesia that included in the facts about Indonesian orangutans below :

1. Sumatran Orangutan

There are two types of Orangutans in Indonesia, one called the Sumatran Orangutans, and the other called Bornean Orangutans. So let’s talk about the first one shall we? This Sumatran Orangutans in one endemic animals of Sumatra island.

This Sumatra Orangutans is actually the rarest type of Orangutans Having one subspecies that also inhabits the land of Sumatra called Pongo Abelli. In fact, this Sumatran Orangutans actually tend to be more socializee and also more smarter than the other type of Orangutan because they can use some self made tools for hunting.

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2. Bornean Orangutans

The other type is the Bornean Orangutans, another type that inhabits the area of Borneo island. What’s the different between this one and the other we talked about in the above information? This Bornean Orangutans have bigger body appearance.

Unlike Sumatran Orangutan, this Bornean Orangutans have like three different subspecies, whihc rarely be found in Indonesia. There are Pongo Pygmaeus Moria, Pygmaeus Pygmaeus, and for the last one is Pygmaeus Wurmbi.

3. Physical Appearance of Sumatran Orangutan

So, let’s talk about the appearance of Sumatran Orangutans first. The Sumatran have more smaller body than the Bornean. A male one can grow up to 1,4 meters and having a weight for more than 90 kg. That’s so heavy.

The Sumatran Orangutans also having longer face and more red hair than the Bornean. If we look more closely, it also has more wider cheek. The male Sumatran Oangutan usually found sleeping and usually lonely. While the female is always with its kids on the forest.

4. Physical Appearance of Bornean Orangutan

And now for the second one. The Bornean Orangutan is more bigger than the other Orangutans. It’s actually the biggest aboreal mamals in the world. It is also included as a family member of Ape familia. This type of Orangutans also have longer hair and colour on their face.

The hands are not only used to eat, or crafting tools, but also for hanging around trees in the forest. They usually use their legs too to provide them more stronger grip to the tree. Some of the male Bornean Orangutans have this kind of pillow-like forehead which make them look more bigger.

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5. Subspecies of Sumatran Orangutan

Like told in the paragraph above, there’s only one species of Sumatran Orangutans so far, called Pongo Abelii. And this one species is the rarest one in this world, so many people start to worry about the existence of this type of  Orangutans.

That’s why we can see now so many campaigns about protecting the Sumatran Orangutans, also conservations that working so hard to prevent Sumatran Orangutan from extinction. We as people could also help them by making some donations.

6. Both Kinds of Orangutan are dangered

The fact there’s an extremely rare status on Orangutans is not only applied to Sumatran. But also for other types of Orangutans like Borneans. This is a sad fact because the cause of their decreasing number is basically just human’s greed.

The open land policy called their habitat destroyed. While not having their own habitati, they still need things to eat. And that’s why they came to the nearest village. People reactions are different responding that. They can either did their best to feed the Orangutans, and hurting it wich is totally nonsense.

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7. Smart Mind

The fact that Orangutans are really smart is not so new in the society. They are one smart animals if compare to other animals in this world. We can see so much stuff based on the research that shows Orangutans are more sensitive toward changes in their environment.

The one that is so much surprising is the fact that they can make their own tools and equipments, although they are very basic. So they made these tools to do everything else like picking up fruits, picking insects, and for hunting.

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8. Love to Socialize with everyone

We can see so many proves about this fact, and you can even try it yourself. The Orangutans are love and very cherrish the moment when they are in society. That’s why, we rarely see the shy Orangutan that won’t even take some pictures with tourists.

On the field, we find the fact that tells us another story of a coin. They loving it. The way Orangutans socialize with the humans is spot on. They can even smile, doing hand shake, or even tricking the tourists in a very funny way.

9. Having similar DNA with humans

Well if you see at the Orangutans and think, their physical and mind just look like me, then you can not blame yourself because it’s true. The Orangutans having almost the same DNA with us humans, and that’s why they have so much things in common with us.

They are intellegence, love to interact, and also use their mind to do problem solving. With teh smae DNA level for about 96% of them, it’s not wrong to say that this Orangutans are our brother or sister in different physial appearances.

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10. They love to sleep

Well, also like humans, Orangutans also love to sleep. They even include sleeping in their daily schedule, if there’s truly a schedule or Orangutans exists somewhere. They really like to sleeping on trees rather than on the ground, because it’s more safe that way.

They also have this nap system, so with that, they are not only sleeping during the night, but also during the day, especially in a very hot weather. Also, they use this kind of leaf which can prevent them from mosquitos.

11. Their Bed

Because of the intellegence they have, they are not just lying around on uncomfortable tree, but also made their own bad to make it more cozy. They usually gathered branches first, and then start to assemble them.

Usually their bad only for temporary, not permanently place. They use bed for several conditions. It can be used for playing place, resting, and also labor.

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12. Orangutans not the same as Monkeys

Many people still though that Orangutans are the same with the monkeys. Well, it’s not true at all. Orangutans don’t have tail like monkeys. Instead, the Orangutans included in Ape family, which has more familiar looking like Gorillas.

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No, the 12th facts about Indoesian Orangutans is not the end of our topic for today. There are a lot of facts that still untold in the information below. And for completeing those numbers, we want to add another list consisting other 13 facts about Orangutans. So look at their information and explanations below :

  1. They can craft an umbrella from leaves
  2. Having calm character
  3. 65% of them love foods
  4. 25% leaves too
  5. And the Orangutans that love to eat flower and tree skins, almost 10%
  6. Insect eater, for about 5%
  7. Just like humans, Orangutan also having 9 months of pregnancy
  8. And fo the breast feeding to for about 3 years
  9. After that, it will separate from its kid
  10. The female Orangutan is also very sensitive
  11. Orangutans having 45 years on the wild
  12. Inside conservation, Orangutans can live up to 65 years
  13. Can easily adapt with the environment

Yep, that is finally the end of our list facts about Indonesian Orangutans. There are quarter of hundred information that you can see upthere, and more list are coming. So, like mentioned above, this animal is protected animal. We as human, should do that favor to protect it too from extinction by preventing and not doing illegal hunt.

With some few steps, it will grow to more bigger campaign againsts the illegal hunter. And maybe, with your careness, government can increase the protection of those animals and their habitat with full care in the future.

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