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Causes of Homelessness in Indonesia

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Poverty is still being an issue, especially in some developing countries in the world. Even though you can see some of the poor people, homeless people who don’t have anywhere to live in the developed countries like America, California, and Canada, the number of porversty is of course still higher in the developing ones like Thailand, India, and also Indonesia.


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In Indonesia, there’s actually many poor ones that you can find asking for people’s generosity by asking them some money to eat. Not only the olds and the adults, some portion of people also use their kids for asking money to the drivers and riders on the street. Of course there must be a reason for this, a reason of why we can still find many of them on our areas. That’s why, we want to share an information about the causes of homelessness in Indonesia below :


Homelessness. What is actually this phenomenon? In the world, there are many cases of homeless people who are leaving their houses or maybe selling their houses for so many reasons like having arguments with their wife or husband, unhealthy situation around the house, and issues in their family. In a short way, we can say that there’s kind of people who are “leaving” their house not because of economic problems. It’s more like psyocologycal think that made them wanted to leave their own house as soon as possible.

That thing commonly happens in the developed areas like America, China, and Japan. There’s some cases even, that people are starting to go to the internet cafe, to live there and abandoning their house. So can we include them as homeless people? Yes, but only for a short period of time. Eventually, they will back to their house once they can the problems within themself or their family.

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In developing countries like Indonesia and the other countries in South East Asia, the main factor of homelessness is economy. Not enough of skill or education are the main factors of why they are still being a homeless people for such a long time. To support their daily needs, they need to do something to get an income, which is begging. That’s why, there are numbers of homeless people you can commonly find on the street always asking some money in that particular spot. From time to time, they will get more and more money without pratically doing anything. And there’s even a case where they got that much money for building their own farms in their village by using their beggar money, and yet they still begging even though they already have a steady income at farm. This issue is really needed to be solved soon, at least to help them in a very positive way.

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Who are these people?

Some of you may asking, who are these homeless people in Indonesia, why are they really depend on the beggar profession they do every single day? We can say that those people are the less fortunate people. Their identification is also very, some were coming from a village, wanted to looking for a decent job in the city but failed because of so many reasons, and there’s also some people who were rich, but because of an issue, they loss all of their assests including their house.

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During the day, they are doing some work as scavenger, colllecting valuable items from our trash can. Even some of them start to collect them starting from the dawn to dusk. Even though they collct so many items, but the price they will got is always less. Beside scavanging the trash bin, they also begging money from people on the street. Usually, their spot is right on the area of traffic lights, so when the light turns red, they can start begging from one to another.

Some people sometimes give them foods, rather than money. And they seem really grateful for it, because eating a decent foods is like a blessing for them. Not only the poor adults that trying to supoort their family through this activity, but there’s also a a black and vile story about this, which is the child exploitation. Some non responsible people use the innocence of the kids to get some money. They use the kids to be money cows for them, asking the foreigners some money for themself without even noticing the kids health and happiness. That’s why, the government also started to taking care of this issue, because those poor kids should be saved.

The causes of homelessness in Indonesia

After knowing about the issue of it, it’s time to tell you about what are the causes of homelessness in Indonesia. The first aspect that we want to talk about is economy. No one knows when their economy is gonna fall down like meteor. Because of that, many of us still use the money without any proper responsibility, buying the things that not actually needed for the sake of fame and style. And when the use of money is not balance with the total assets, that is the time when people start to panick and finally having a financial crysis. Those who are less fortunate suffer a homeless condition, either for a long or short period.

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In Indonesia, that is the main factor of why there’s so many homeless people. The actual reason is not because they were born in a poor family, some succesful people are maybe less fortunate than them, but it’s because the willingness to change. To be able to survive financial crysis, one needs to have some change on his or her life style, and also behavior. They need to find a motivation, and also a spirit to rise again, to get out of that black hole. And to find those things, it’s really hard if they do it alone. They should be accompanied by the proper instution or group who are really care for them. With their help, those poor people can do something independently about their own life, better than before.

After the are finally surviving that condition, they needed to maintain their behavior always. Because, it’s very easy to fall again, but it’s very hard to be in a place or condition where we want to be. Beside the factors that coming from those homeless people, the government also should take a part to empower them by giving a facility where they can learn and increase their skills and creativity. And also, government should make a whole new settlement for them with less price as a chance for them to change and make a better living.

Ways to help them

We as human have sympathy and empathy. That’s why, seeing this problem on our on country can move our heart to help them in any way we can. After the causes of homelessness in Indonesia section above, we want to tell you about the ways to help them.

  • From Government :

Acknowledging this issue, the government has a project which can be said good enough to resolve this rooting problem. The Social Ministry of Indonesia will give some investments to settlement building projects and also skills training ground. Beside getting a house to rest, those homeless people also get allowances for about three month straight. This project still happens in Malang city though, a second biggest city in East Java Province. In the future, maybe there will be some more improved projects on all cities of Indonesia.

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  • From the people :

And for us, we can also give them some help. Giving them money is less relevant know, because as you may know many of them are using the money to buy ciggaretes, or alcoholic drinks. You can give them your foods. The event of giving foods to the people is usually happening on Ramadhan month, but it’s not a wrong thing if you do it in another month. You can also join in to a community that caring those homeless people.

So that’s our topic for today, the causes of homelessness in Indonesia. Beside giving them money, we also need to take care of them with the help of government to make them more improved and skilled to provide some money to the family. Most of them are still in a great and healthy body, with a certain kind of care, there will be a change.

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