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30 Facts About Importance of Bali Indonesia

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There are several islands in Indonesia, thousands in fact. All of them ae their own unique specialities that can differ them from the other islands. One unique island of them all, which is also famous is the Bali island located just beside Java island.


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In Bali island, the people will usually hunt for the attractions, especially for the beaches. But surprisingly enough, there are some people who have a lot of attention to the hidden attractions inside the Bali. That add the facts that Bali has so many potential for tourism. That makes Bali more important. So, in here, we’re gonna talk about all the importance of Bali Indonesia, especially for the tourists.

1. As a tourists magnet

AS the first fact in here, the importance of Bali island is to be he tourists magnet. Bali island can hypnitize everyone around the world by its amazing natural gems. All of them even only can be found in the area of Bali.

That’s why, even thoguh vacationing in Bali looks like very simple thing to do, but once you finally hop on the ride, you’ll be excited for the adventure that you’re gonna experience shortly. Of course, it’ll be so much fun.

2. Best study tour destination for student

Usually, there are some holidays in here in Indonesia. During after or before the finals or mid test, the schools will usually take their students to go to Bali for either refreshing and also for enjoying the educational places.

Even though mainly the activities are like going into places that are famous, like beaches or souvenir shops, at least they can get the experience of visiting the places that maybe they always wanted. They can also bring some souvenirs from there, which is good.

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3. Place to learn about unique dances, like Kecak Dance

Bali is not the recreational island in Indonesia. In some occasions, the Bali also has functionality to become a great educational island that filled with so many things, that very Balinese. One example is the famous dance called Kecak.

Kecak Dance is one unique dances of all the dances that exist in Indonesia. The Balinese people can always perform this dance perfectly, with fitting hand movements and also eye sighting. It can even hypnotizing, if you look at it seriously.

4. Trunajaya Dance

The next dance that exists in the Bali island is Trunayajaya dance. Let’s learn one or two things from this dance. The other dance that can be introduced to the peeople either local tourist or foreign tourist, is of course this Trunajaya Dance.

This Dance included as the entertainment dance, and also can be performed everywhere like the temple, stage, and other venues. The Trunajaya dance also uses combination between unique costume and also make up.

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5. Barong Dance

Next dance on our list of importance of Bali Indonesia is this Barong Dance. Barong dance is included as one sacred dance in Bali, even in Indonesia. There are some kinds of Barong Dance, that can be seen on their own unique costumes.

But, the most popular one can be seen on every stage in Bali, because it has very strong meaning thatn the other Barong. Even thoguh it seems evil, but the character of Barong is very kinds,a and always supportive.

6. Legong Dance

The next importance of Bali island in this country of Indonesia is to try the other different dances of Bali, to learns some more about its culture via learning the form of arts like dancing. One of those dances called Legong Dance.

Legong came from two main points, Leg and Gong. Leg in here doesn’t mean a part of your body, but it’s the slow movement, or not strict. While Gong in here means part of Gamelan orchestra. Both combination have meaning that this dance is a slow dance that completed with the gong music.

7. and Pendet Dance

Pendet dance is like an icon of Balinese dances in general. You can see so many use of this Pendet dance on so many things, even for the picture on our currency. We have some information about this unique Pendet Dance for you.

Pendet dance is also included as sacred dance, even though it also can be used for entertainment or promotion. Usually some people held this dance on Puras, or temples in Bali island. This dance must be danced with some woman.

8. Place to learn about the Balinese masks, like Jauk Mask

Aside from learning one form of Balinese culture in the dances, as a tourist, you can also learns something new in Bali island. One importance of Bali is you can learn some of its unique and unusal masks that have so many varieties.

Having not so evil looks, doesn’t mean it has such a good character. Usually, the use of this mask is to resemble the mean character, which is the main enemy of protagonist. But not only evil, the mask also has kind side that can be seen via the human character.

9. Barong Ket Mask

Barong has so many kinds of mask. This is actually the mask that oftenly used for Barong dance that mentioned in the paragraph above. In fact, this Barong Ket is the most famous kind of all Barong masks that exists in Bali.

Maybe it’s little confusing to look at the form of Barong Ket. What’s this? This Barong Ket is not just contain one animal, actually it has the combination of four different animals, from lion, tiger, dragon, and also cow, for some reason.

10. Barong Landung Mask, and

The next form of Barong is this Barung Landung Mask. If you see at them closely, you can see that there are some difference that can make this Barong Landung not the same as the Barong Ket that already mentioned above.

If the usual Barong mask always has one character, this pack of Barung Landung has two forms. Both of them are actually gigantic giant, with the white and black colour. If usuellay there’s performer behind the mask, but not this time.

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11. Calonarang Mask

The last mask that is also the importance of Bali  that teaching the tourists with the unique and exclusive form of culture is the Calongarang Mask. This mask is actually a form of mask that has very evil character.

It doesn’t even have the good character. So, if a performer wants to do an evil character, myabe this Calonarang mask is the most suitable mask of them all. Also, it has a very bad look, that really perfect for an evil character.

12. An island that provide so many attractions like beaches, for example, Pandawa Beach

Pandawa beach is the most beautiful beach that people can enjoy when visitin Bali island. This one is really recommended because this beach is one of a kind. You can check the pictures available on the internet, which is good.

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13. Sanur beach

Sanur beach is undoubtedly the most famous beach in Bali. With further improvement in the late years, the Sanur beach is always become more favorable through years.

14. Temples, like Uluwatu temple,

Beside providing the natural attractions, Bali also provided its people with several historical yet epic places in form of temples. One of them is Uluwatu Temple, which is a temple that usually used for some unique tradition processions, like Kecak dance, and the others.

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15. and Gunung Kawi Temple

One temples in Bali that the tourists can visit is the Gunung Kawi temple. The name of Gunung Kawi is based on the mountain that also located in Java island, called Mount Kawi, which is a mountian with so many myths.

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From the importance of Bali Indonesia above, you can graps some information, and maybe can imagine all the potentials that Bali island has. We also have another information righ here, right on below, the other 15 information that you need to know.

  1. Batu Molenten Tree House
  2. Sobangan Village
  3. Atuh Hill
  4. Bambu Indah
  5. Hideout Karangasem
  6. Diving with Mola-mola
  7. Taman Ujung Water Palace
  8. The Monkey Forest
  9. The tourism can give Bali island some benefits, like to increase Indonesia’s devisa
  10. Can give the people work opportunities
  11. and bringing education about Balinese culture to the people
  12. Can make the area more famous
  13. Improve the attraction via donations
  14. Make the local economies more develop
  15. Can invite the potential investors

So that is our total 30 facts about importance of Bali Indonesia, for either the tourists and also the locals. Like you can see, the attractions or things in Bali can give some benefits that can be useful for all people.

They can create this kind of win-win symbiosis, mutualism, so in that way, all the people either the foreigners and also the locals can have Bali island as the potential for getting what they want. Locals can have some revenues becasue of the fame the attractions, and the tourists can try the different thinga that are not able in their own country.

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